Backing pioneers building the next generation of open internet infrastructure

Gazelda Crypto is a purpose-built investment platform designed to assist, from concept to scale, the teams constructing an open, community-driven, and decentralized internet.

About Gazelda Crypto

Our team assists crypto/web3 developers from inception to expansion using a highly technical and collaborative approach. Since 2015, Gazelda Ventures has actively invested in the crypto field through both protocols and companies. We are a dedicated team of hackers, tinkerers, and builders with a collaborative, highly technical approach from the very beginning. Gazelda Crypto believes that a seismic movement toward open, community-driven, and decentralized services is imminent; this seismic shift will be one of the most significant technological advancements since the emergence of the web.

Our Portfolio

Notebook Labs
Blockchain Infrastructure

Notebook uses zero-knowledge cryptography to create a new paradigm for identity verification, giving users full control of their data and allowing them to retain their privacy. Notebook’s technology equips Web3 protocols with simple Sybil-resistant login infrastructure that protects them from attackers and bots and allows them to verify users in a privacy preserving way.

Orb Labs

Orb Labs is a blockchain interoperability company building protocols and tools for developers to build affordable, secure cross-chain applications. Their flagship products are Earlybird, a generic cross-chain messaging protocol for passing data between blockchains, and MagicLane, an omnichain token and messaging platform built on Earlybird.

Community Labs
Blockchain Infrastructure

Community Labs develops critical developer tools and foundational ecosystem solutions for the Arweave ecosystem, beginning with 3EM – short for Web 3 Execution Machine, a code agnostic smart contract framework. Community Labs is modeled after ConsenSys, the well known software development company building on the Ethereum blockchain.


Curio is building the next-generation of crypto games and infrastructure with fully on-chain games, where user-generated content and player creativity can flourish through the composability and interoperability of blockchain.

Verto Exchange

Verto is a decentralized trading protocol built on top of Arweave that facilitates the trading of Arweave profit sharing tokens.


Duality leverages the power of app-specific infrastructure to build novel mechanisms for decentralized exchange, user-focused MEV-aware design, and the next generation of composable DeFi.

Variational Research
Variational Research

Variational Research is a global algorithmic market maker and liquidity provider focused on digital assets. We partner with both DeFi protocols and financial institutions/fintechs to help bridge the gap between traditional and decentralized finance. Variational is backed by Sequoia Capital, Bain Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Dragonfly Capital, North Island Ventures, and many others.


Primitive builds products that make discovering popular AMM liquidity pools and strategies easier, powered by a new protocol and suite of DeFi development tools. These tools will improve the experience of using AMMs and help users more easily leverage this new class of financial instruments.

Internet Protocols

Scroll is an Ethereum L2 solution leveraging ZK Rollups. Scroll leverages recent advances in ZK proof efficiency alongside prover hardware acceleration to deliver a secure, scalable execution layer that maximizes compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Blockchain Infrastructure, DeFi

Skip is on a mission to help blockchains achieve financial sustainability and power better user experiences by building transparent blockspace markets to connect traders and blockchains.

Skip allows blockchain communities to design how their blockspace market operates, enabling them to convert block space into protocol revenue and return it to the community.

For traders, market makers, and retail users, Skip enables new and more profitable trading strategies by offering privacy, gas refunds, bundling, and accurate simulation.


Maker (MKR) is a utility token, governance token and recapitalization resource of the Maker system.

It is required for paying the fees accrued on Collateralized Debt Positions (CDPs) used to generate Dai in the Maker system making it a utility token.

MKR holders vote for the risk management and business logic of the system using MKR as governance token. A holder can vote for any number of proposals with the MKR they have and submit a new proposal, or cast or withdraw his votes at any point. The voting process is done through continuous approval voting.

Our Advantages

Three key areas of expertise help us support the teams building the new pillars of the internet—from ideation through scale.

Technical and economic research

We support teams with a hands-on, deeply technical approach from ideation through mature protocol operations.

Governance design and participation

Crypto protocols require a dedicated level of active participation on topics related to code contribution, risk parameter adjustment, DAO organization, and management. We participate actively in these ecosystems.

Participation across stages

Given the early liquidity dynamics of crypto protocols and limited capital intensity, protocol teams require investors that can participate across the liquidity spectrum, supporting teams in both private and public markets. We have the flexibility to participate across capital stages and even leverage protocols with our own capital.