Environmental Impact

Stakeholders in a healthy planet

Globally exceeding environmental stewardship requirements. Our and our clients' long-term financial prospects are dependent on the health of the globe. We adhere to the principles of sustainability and strive to meet the demands of the present without sacrificing the potential of future generations to do the same. We strive to incorporate environmental factors into our decision-making process and are committed to continuously improving our environmental practices.

Environmental Principles

Our environmental principles provide strategic direction and common guidance for the environmental protection commitments Gazelda has made.

Committed to Protecting and Preserving the Environment

Participant in CDP

As a participant in the CDP, Gazelda estimates and discloses its annual greenhouse gas emissions using available data and assumptions in accordance with the World Resources Institute's Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

Global Employee Engagement through the Sustainability Network

The Sustainability Network seeks to raise awareness of sustainability challenges, promote best practices, and unify ecologically oriented company activities. By tight collaboration between our facility managers and employee-volunteer sustainability champions, the Network communicates uniform environmental messaging, solicits employee feedback, and promotes conservation.

Managing Our Supply Chain to Encourage Sustainability

Our supply chain contracts require vendors to describe their environmental policies and efforts, which we evaluate to verify if their sustainability objectives and operations correspond with those of Northern Trust. The upstream procurement policy of a vendor helps us ensure our service and product providers' environmental performance.