Impact Strategy

Scaling mission-driven companies

Using in-depth industry knowledge and an active, value-added approach to create mission-driven firms with competitive financial returns and quantifiable social and environmental impact.

About Gazelda Impact Strategy

We actively collaborate with businesses across three topics — health & wellness, education & workforce development, and sustainability — to generate long-term value and meaningful social impact at scale.

Meteor Education Secures Growth Investment from Gazelda

The new partnership will enable Meteor to expand into new markets and advance its mission to support educators in the creation of inspiring and transformative learning experiences for students.

Gazelda Impact Strategy taps Kizer amid impact team expansion

Amanda Kizer, a former director in Nuveen's impact team, will lead ESG performance management and reporting for Gazelda Impact Strategy

The 5 top-ranking impact firms, according to BlueMark

Gazelda Impact Strategy was selected as one of BlueMark's inaugural Practice Leaders', which recognizes just five of 60 impact investors that have achieved top-quartile results across all eight core Impact Principles.

FreeWill Raises $30 Million in Series B to Transform Nonprofit Fundraising via Non-Cash Giving

FreeWill, a social-good enterprise at the nexus of philanthropy and estate planning, today announced it has raised $30 million in Series B funding round led by Gazelda Impact Strategy alongside existing investors.

Water Treatment Innovator AqueoUS Vets® Secures Growth Investment from Gazelda Impact Strategy

AqueoUS Vets, a leading vertically integrated manufacturer of water treatment systems, today announced it secured a growth investment from Bain Capital Double Impact, the impact investment strategy of Gazelda.

Gazelda Healthcare

We have built one of the largest and deepest healthcare investing teams in the world. Read more about the breadth and legacy of our efforts.

2021 - Year in Review

As we reflect on the past few years and our journey as a group, the purpose and mission of our team and companies have become even more important. In 2021, we achieved meaningful growth within our team, across our portfolio, through our investments, and most importantly, through our impact and we remain compelled by the opportunity to use our platform as a catalyst for positive change.
Read our latest year in review report

Health and Wellness

Enhance health outcomes by providing access to high quality, affordable healthcare for underrepresented patient communities, supporting higher quality and more sustainable food systems, and producing goods and services that promote healthy lives.

Investing across full spectrum of social determinants of health

Providing access to quality and affordable healthcare to all

Promoting and improving access to products and services that build healthier lifestyles

Education and Workforce Development

Decrease skills and achievement disparities and increase economic mobility in impoverished communities through providing training and education, fostering ownership, and stimulating economic growth.

Enabling access to quality education and training

Promoting career pathways and inclusive workplaces

Catalyzing economic opportunity for workers and communities


Decrease environmental effect and greenhouse gas emissions through ecologically beneficial water, energy, agricultural and other sustainable products, services and corporate activities.

Investing in solutions that advance resource efficiency and responsible environmental stewardship and regeneration

Reducing local and global environmental impact by promoting sustainable energy, water, and agricultural systems

Mitigating the environmental impact of urban and industrial systems via waste reduction and industrial efficiency

Promoting environmentally friendly, efficient, and transparent supply chains and business practices

2021 by numbers


As of December 31, 2021 unless otherwise stated. For actively managed companies unless otherwise stated.


Total Monetizations

Penn Foster and Impact Fitness full exits, SpringWorks and PresenceLearning partial exits


Average EBITDA Growth


Management Diversity

93% of management teams have at least 3 members from under-represented groups


#B Impact accessment scores over 80

Strategy and Impact

Impact Philosophy

We are active partners. Our focus on operational excellence enables us to drive impact results alongside financial returns by scaling and transforming companies.

Scale Mission-Driven Companies

We identify mission-driven companies that have impact at the core of their product or service.

Accelarate Transformational Impact

We help companies to reach their full social and/or environmental potential and create transformational change.

Investment Criteria

Since our inception, Gazelda has partnered with management teams and invested to restructure firms using a strategic, analytical approach. We think that long-term value is contingent on both solid financial performance and social and environmental responsibility.

We concentrate on equity investments ranging from $20 million to $80 million or more, focusing on control and growth opportunities where we can deliver commercial value alongside quantifiable social and environmental good.

Our Investment Process

Our partnership style allows us to leverage on strategic sourcing that produces proprietary transaction flow and advantaged prospects. Our diligence process combines rigorous social and environmental evaluation in conjunction with our proven, commercial analysis. We believe our active partnership approach is critical for maximizing financial and impact outcomes.

Proactive Sourcing

Our partnership model and track record allow us to capitalize on strategic sourcing that drives proprietary deal flow and advantaged opportunities. We strategically select high-impact investment themes in North America where our impact is best positioned to drive growth. No two businesses are alike, and we seek to utilize our deep experience, commitment to impact and long-term horizon to create flexible partnerships across a variety of situations, including:

  • Founder/family led business
  • Corporate carve-outs
  • Combining multiple platforms to create a new category leader

Deep Deligence

In conjunction with our commercial investigation approach, we investigate the social and environmental effect of a company. We have assembled a dedicated investment team with the skills and expertise to undertake commercial investigations with depth and rigor, and we evaluate a company's existing and future impact with equal rigor.

Active Partnership

We are active partners who utilize a dedicated portfolio team to assist ambitious management teams with a variety of growth tactics, including as business model development and planning, sales and marketing, executive recruiting, and more.

Impact Management and Measurement

All phases of the investment lifecycle are supported by rigorous internal impact measurement and management methods, processes, and governance mechanisms.

We are committed to the development and evolution of our techniques. As the field continues to evolve, we continue to evaluate potential partners and development opportunities.

Impact Screening and Deligence

Standard framework and tools to assess impact fit or potential.

Impact Screening Tool

ESG Due Diligence Questionnaire

Stakeholder Assessment

Impact Thesis & Theory of Change

Impact Management and Measurement

Drive impact through active management.

Management incentives tied to Impact

B-Impact Assessment

Impact Metrics Tracking & Forecast

Stakeholder Toolkits

HPO Surveys

DEI Initiatives

Sustaining Impact at Exit

Conduct exits, considering effect on sustained impact.

Impact governance mechanisms

Verification of acquirer's impact commitment and track record

2021 By the Numbers


As of December 31, 2021 unless otherwise stated.


Investment professisonals


Team Diversity

70% of BCDI investment team members from underrepresented groups


Management Diversity

62% of BCDI senior team members from underrepresented groups


Carbon Neutral as a firm

Our Portfolio

Seeking out businesses with robust business models and significant impact potential across the three main impact topics of Health and Wellbeing, Education and Workforce, and Workforce Development and Sustainability.