Investing Sustainably

Active management may uncover market inefficiencies

Inefficient ESG ratings

The majority of third-party ESG data is retrospective. Also, vendors stress distinct ESG concerns, thus their findings may be inconsistent.

Flawed emerging markets indices

Conventional EM benchmarks may be weighted towards sectors and companies that represent historical growth drivers, so missing future return opportunities.

Insufficient climate-risk analysis

Risks associated with the transition to a low-carbon economy, such as regulation and litigation, tend to dominate the attention of markets. Our SI Research Team feels it is crucial to comprehend how physical climate threats impact investment values.

Undefined impact and climate investing universes

Due to little analyst coverage, new or specialized products, atypical business strategies, and a wide variety of potential outcomes, impact investments are misunderstood. Climate-related investments may be undervalued because to a general misunderstanding of both climate dangers and the rising demand for solutions that assist society in adapting to and mitigating the effects of climate change.

Sustainable investment solutions can meet many objectives

Our actively managed sustainable investment solutions are tailored to a variety of investment objectives. They share the goal of delivering competitive returns to our clients.

Impact Investing

Our sustainable investment solutions are actively managed and designed to address a range of investment goals. They share a common objective: To deliver competitive returns for our clients.

Client Investing

Invests in businesses with a focus on addressing the climate challenge via mitigation, adaptation, or innovation.

ESG Forefront Investing

Seeking to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns with actively managed approaches that embed ESG analysis into the investment philosophy and process

Sustainable Thematic Investing

Invests in economic activities that, in our opinion, lead to a particular positive social or environmental impact.

Responsible investment

We are pleased to be an action-oriented company. Unified by a firm-wide commitment to work with and for our clients to accomplish what is right for them, society, and the globe, we are committed to doing the right thing for our clients, society, and the environment.

Responsible investing is not a passing fad. This is our investment philosophy.

By integrating responsibility into all of our investing processes, we hope to improve our risk management and investment performance, while also contributing to the development of more sustainable, future-proof investment solutions. As an active capital owner, our size and influence enable us to push the necessary change to create a future in which our clients may retire.

Our contribution to a changing world

Since our inception, we have been utilizing our voice to promote constructive change. Nowadays, the commercial and investment arguments for acting responsibly are difficult to contest. Respectful and sustainable business practices are more likely to result in long-term success, which benefits both you and society. Poor practices don't just make the news; they also affect the bottom line.

"I believe investors play a crucial role in driving change on society's most pressing concerns, such as climate change, diversity, environmental degradation, and human rights. I am pleased that Gazelda has been at the forefront of investor action on these matters for many years."

Villar S. Boyle
Chief Executive Officer

We can only realize our sustainable ambitions by dedication, passion, and genuine teamwork. By engaging cooperatively across asset classes, geographies, and our numerous stakeholders, we are able to effect change via ongoing active involvement, voting, and market reform initiatives.

Our Highlights

Achieving a sustainable future can only be possible if we all take constructive action to effect change. We have achieved for our clients by investing in a sustainable manner and driving global transformation.

Taking action on climate change

In 2021 we voted in favour of 91% of shareholder resolutions on climate and social issues.

Commitment to voting

In 2021, at 6,648 shareholder meetings, we voted on 70,956 motions, comprising 27% of votes against management resolutions and 47% of compensation proposals.

Engaging at scale

In 2021, we undertook 2,959 company engagements and carried out engagements with 21 sovereigns.

Proprietary ESG research

We have a dedicated team of over 30 ESG experts who serve as a center of excellence, in addition to delivering quantitative ESG score tools that are predictive of performance.

Investing in green infrastructure

In 2021, we directly invested and financed $1.2 billion in low-carbon and renewable energy infrastructure and buildings, resulting in 78% of new infrastructure Assets in 2021 being designated as sustainable.

New sustainable solutions

We can assist you in comprehending and mitigating your ESG and climate risk. Creating products as part of our strategy for achieving sustainable outcomes.

Shaping a sustainable world

The 2020 Annual United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment report awarded Gazelda an A+ grade. We are a signatory of the UNPRI and were instrumental in the creation of the SSE and Global Benchmarking Alliance, which aspires to publicly rank 2,000 firms on their ESG credentials.

Accelerating a low-carbon economy

We promised in 2020 to provide $1 billion in climate transition-focused loans by 2025, thereby speeding the transition to a low-carbon economy in the real estate sector. 783 million pounds of sustainable lending will be delivered by the end of 2021, exceeding our goal.

Global recognition

Gazelda achieved an A grade from ShareAction2 for our approach to responsible investment in 2020, making us one of the managers worldwide to receive this grade.

Our unique approach to responsible investing

We are unified by the desire to work with and for our clients to do the right thing for them, society, and the globe.

Powering change

As a large, globally-reaching active owner, we employ interaction, voting, and investment decisions to facilitate the transition to a sustainable future.

Responsibility built-in

In making investing decisions, we apply a methodical and rigorous evaluation of substantive ESG aspects, guided by insight that transcends the conventional. Despite any applicable binding criteria, our portfolio managers are empowered to make the optimal option for our clients, backed by ESG research incorporated into our investing strategies by specialised teams.

Shaping our future

Our contributions extend beyond our investments. We share knowledge and collaborate with clients, policymakers, and regulators to develop a sustainable future for all of us. We are dedicated to transforming capital markets and helping our customers to make educated decisions.

Sustainability Agenda

To improve the globe, we are constructing a superior business. Via our Impact Agenda, we uphold our Mission in three interdependent ways: Enabling health and well-being to assist in laying the foundation for a healthy life. Fostering inclusive economic opportunities to level the playing field for everyone. Advancing a sustainable future in order to save our shared planet. This work is beneficial to our company, our planet, and its inhabitants. Together in the pursuit of our shared objectives, we are constructing a better business to better the world.

Impact Agenda Pillars

Sustained Health and Well-being

Facilitate and improve access to a healthier lifestyle by giving guidance and solutions that promote financial security.

Driving Inclusive Economic Opportunity

Boost the upward mobility of underrepresented groups and contribute to the accessibility of financial solutions for everybody.

Accelerating a Sustainable Future

Support the transition to a net zero economy and protect and grow the value of nature based solutions.


We are aggressively integrating climate change considerations into our decision-making processes, including how we run our operations, make investment decisions, and create and sell financial products and services.

Governance and Disclosures

Our sustainable governance structure helps us to fulfill our sustainability goals across our worldwide franchise, so promoting easier and more strategic decision-making in the context of our business objectives.

Community investment

We are committed to advancing good, measurable social and environmental change as part of our impact strategy. Through our community investments, we build healthier, more inclusive communities throughout our three interconnected strategic emphasis areas. Our approach to community investment includes direct funding, employee contributions, and volunteerism, which leverage skill-based activities and matching schemes.

Empower Sustained Health and Well-being

Being a health and wealth enterprise, promoting physical and financial well-being is beneficial for both our business and society.

So, we make it simple for everyone to pick healthier behaviors and more prudent financial solutions.

We will continue to innovate and scale our behavioral insurance, improve our employees' mental health and well-being, and promote financial security to assist the road to a better life.

Drive Inclusive Economic Opportunity

In business and in life, we are stronger when our perspectives are diverse.

We are speeding the upward mobility of underrepresented groups and making financial solutions more accessible to help expand possibilities for everybody.

By expanding the participation of women and people of color, we can level the playing field and provide everyone with an equal opportunity for success.

Accelerate a Sustainable Future

As a firm focused on health and prosperity, it is only natural that we seek to protect and restore the environment.

We recognize that humans cannot be healthy if they inhabit an ill planet.

The effects of climate change are affecting our ability to breathe clean air, obtain safe drinking water, and protect ourselves from natural disasters. Hence, we are supporting the transition to a net-zero economy, lowering our emissions, and delivering nature-based solutions to help protect our shared planet.