Life Science

Scaling innovation in life sciences

Our team is committed to advancing pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices, diagnostics, and life science solutions to better the lives of patients with unmet needs. We do this by leveraging our extensive industry expertise, clinical insights, and cross-asset class investing experience.

About Gazelda Life Sciences

With a focus on businesses that both drive medical innovation across the value chain and enable that innovation to improve the lives of patients with unmet medical needs, Gazelda Life Sciences invests in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, diagnostic, and life science tool companies globally. The unique skill set of the Gazelda Life Sciences team enables it to provide targeted finance and strategic support with additional value to businesses through key growth and value inflection points.

Gazelda has used a strategic and analytical approach from the company's founding to find appealing investment possibilities and work with management teams to develop and enhance their companies. Gazelda has grown its worldwide reach, depth of knowledge, and track record in the life sciences sectors across private equity, public equity, credit, venture capital, and real estate over this time.

By the Numbers


Assets Under Management

As of September 30 2021



Globally, across diagnostics & life sciences tools, medical devices, and biotechnology and pharmaceuticals


Trials Funded

To help improve the lives of patients with medical needs


Board Positions

From the start of investment

All figures as of December 2021 unless otherwise noted.

Gazelda Healthcare

We have built one of the largest and deepest healthcare investing teams in the world.

Patient Access and Quality Outcomes

Gazelda believes that outstanding value creation occurs when a company focuses on the patient and the company's impact on the quality of care and results.

  • Quality linked executive compensation
  • Serving unmet needs
  • Focus on compliance and governance
  • Expand access to care

A Broad Investment Mandate

Our comprehensive investing operations enable us to help firms across the whole healthcare ecosystem, at all growth stages, with flexible capital options and extensive operational expertise.

  • $1M - $1B+ investment size
  • Startups mature to industry leaders
  • All healthcare sub sectors


Gazelda' whole approach to healthcare investing is governed by a sense of cooperation, which entails tight integration and collaboration across our portfolio.

  • $160B AUM
  • Investing across the capital structure

Growth and Innovation

The cornerstones to successful healthcare investing are growth and innovation; our team focuses on company transformation with every investment.

  • Investing capital to expand capacity and access
  • Numerous theraupeutics and products launched
  • 100+ recent and ongoing clinical trials
  • $2B+ Annual R&D Investment


Our team includes investors, physicians, PhDs and operators with extensive experience investing in, managing, and creating value in healthcare business.

  • 75 senior professionals
  • 175+ platform investments
  • 100+ recent and ongoing clinical trials
  • $14B+ capital deployed


Gazelda Life Sciences targets four types of investment opportunities:

Inflection Capital

Engaging with companies at the critical development stages of innovation.

Growth Capital

Partnering with companies to accelarate and expand platforms.

Fallen Angels

Engaging with companies at a crossroads to create value

Larger Private Equity Collaborations and New Company Formation

Leveraging on Gazelda to invest in, build and support companies.

Guiding Principles

Gazelda Life Sciences seeks to create differentiated value by identifying investments in companies that have these key features:

Research organizations that drive innovation across the healthcare value chain.

Pipelines with breakthrough products addressing unmet needs of patients.

Pipelines with breakthrough products addressing unmet needs of patients.

Gazelda Life Sciences strives to establish a portfolio of diverse, high-impact, high-value-creating firms by following to our Guiding Principles in our rigorous, science-first scrutiny.


Globally, Gazelda Life Sciences seeks to invest in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, diagnostic, and life science instrument firms.