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Our Culture

More than 1,500 people working across the globe, bringing it all together for today's investor.

Real integrated competitive advantage begins with our culture

When everyone feels like they are a part of a unified team in an environment of fairness, inclusion, and happiness, we all accomplish more. Integrated advantage is established when everyone feels stronger when working together, and when there are no impediments to their abilities to participate, collaborate, and succeed.

Our Approach

Every day, we push and support employees to pool their skills as "One Team" through smarter ways of working and physical locations that foster true cooperation.

Individual Growth

A careful approach to training and leadership, geared to what each employee needs to grow in self-assurance, enables our Investors' diverse talent pool deepen its commitment to the organization.

Proactively Leading change

We endeavored to do the right thing for our employees, our business, and our investors. This frequently necessitates pushing our sector and eliminating barriers to equal opportunities, ranging from recruitment to parental leave.

Our Values

Our values define everything at Gazelda. From our client service to our long-term company success.


Every day, we recognize the good impact we have on our clients' lives. So, we actively listen and attempt to resolve their issues. Empathy is our most powerful characteristic and enables us to form relationships that no one else can.


We stand up for our convictions. We act with boldness, honor our commitments, and accept responsibility for our work. We recognize the impact we have on the world and take the resulting responsibilities seriously. We shall do our part to combat the climate issue, ensuring that both people and nature are given their due regard. We are committed to a brighter future.


We recognize the power that comes from working as one team - cooperating and winning together for Gazelda, each other, and our clients. We are founded on a bedrock of trust and esteem. Our strength stems from our relationship to one another, our clients and partners, and the communities in which we operate.


The best is yet to come — for our clients, our employees, and society. Not only are we here to dream and invent for the future, producing value for our customers and shareholders, but we are also here to serve our community. We are courageous and enthusiastic, setting new benchmarks for ourselves and the competitors. With a degree of humility that is just as vital as the ambition that drives us.

Foundations of our culture

We value integrity

We adhere to the highest standards of ethics. The foundation of our interactions with clients and with one another is trust. We strive diligently to gain and maintain this trust.

We are a meritocracy

We place a premium on excellence and set the bar high in all aspect of our business. We aim to recruit, retain, and motivate the most talented and motivated individuals.

We are a innovative

We believe that continuous development is essential in an environment of constant change. Our emphasis on education and our entrepreneurial spirit allow us to adapt to the changing needs of our customers.

We are a collaborative

We demand and value collaboration; it is a defining characteristic of our culture. There is a sense of community at our company. Teamwork is prevalent.

We are humanistic

We acknowledge that lives and careers are not linear. Acceptance of the ebb and flow of life is fundamental to our identity.

We are humble

We are achievement-oriented, yet remain modest about our accomplishments and strive to learn from our errors. We take our work and ourselves seriously, but not too seriously.

We are a inclusive

There is no hierarchy among ideas. Our openness and transparency allow the interchange of ideas, providing each of us with a voice and a sense of responsibility. We respect constructive criticism for our personal growth and are prepared to provide it to others.

We value flexibility

We are committed to encouraging a flexible mentality and developing a hybrid work environment that allows employees to flourish on both a personal and professional level. We feel both the office and remote work are essential to our work paradigm in order to achieve the greatest results for our clients.

We are a Fiduciary

As a fiduciary, we put clients' interests first. We must act in their best interests, not ours, legally and morally. We value trust, honesty, and transparency in client relationships. Our professionals provide unbiased advice and recommendations tailored to each client's needs and goals. This approach helps us build long-term, mutually beneficial client relationships. We prioritize client service and support.

Our Vision Inspires Our Culture

We want to be the world's best asset manager, respected for our people, performance, relationships, and organizational agility.

Our Firm Beliefs

  • The interests of our clients always comes first
  • We have a singular focus on the management of money
  • Independent thinking shapes our perspective

Our Investment Approach

  • Active managers committed to generating alpha
  • Collaborative teams utilizing disciplined, risk-informed processess
  • Forward-looking, data-driven analysis fueling actionable insights
Gazelda Leadership

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, one of the two committees concerned with the management and operation of the firm, offers leadership, strategic direction, and crisis management.

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Gazelda Leadership

Investment Committee

The Investments Committee, one of the two committees responsible for managing and operating the company, is responsible for building a culture of trust and respect to enable our investments experts to function at peak performance.

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Gazelda Leadership

Partnership Committee

The Partnership Committee is entrusted with defining what it means to be a Partner, overseeing the path to partnership, and supporting the ideals of the Partners' Credo as part of its responsibility for building and preserving the firm's culture.

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Gazelda Leadership

Global Corporate Citizenship Committee

The Global Corporate Citizenship Committee is entrusted with defining and defending our greater purpose, as well as assuring our continued commitment to our stakeholders, in order to ensure that we deliver on our mission: Ensuring a sustainable future for our clients, our employees, and our globe.

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