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Gazelda was created in 1996 to give clients long-term investment returns. Today, our unified goal is driven by a culture of profound basic research, investment insight, and client innovation, and facilitated by the open interchange of ideas across the organization.

Gazelda is a private, independent, employee-owned investment management. No external parent or public shareholders, no other lines of business, no distractions. We are truly in this together with our employees and their families invested alongside our clients and 100% of employee deferred cash compensation directly related to team and business initiatives.

Gazelda has a varied team of 724 investment experts and 2,692 employees dedicated to client outcomes and investing excellence. Since 2014, Pensions & Investments' "Best Places to Work in Money Management" poll has ranked us first or second among companies with 1,000 or more workers due to our culture's high senior investment personnel retention.

Collaborative Positioning

Most significant asset managers are public or owned by other financial organizations, while Gazelda is private, independent, and employee-owned.

Our 100% independent, employee ownership and unique business focus better connect us—both as a company and as individuals—with our clients' long-term interests. We may focus on clients without extraneous shareholders or parents. Without proprietary trading or market-making, we can focus on investment management. We're in this together because our employees and their families have considerable personal capital invested alongside our customers' and 100% of employee deferred cash compensation is closely related to team and business initiatives.

Ownership Structure


Independent, employee-owned

Alignment with clients


Deferred cash compensation directly linked to team and firm strategies

Culture of Partnership and Innovation

Being a private, independent, employee-owned investment manager, Gazelda has the flexibility to focus solely on long-term investments for our customers. As a result, we are acutely attuned to the specific combination of investment objectives, risk tolerance, and income and liquidity needs of each client, and we can work with them as their needs evolve.

Included in this culture of partnership is a dedication to innovation, a firm-wide push to discover new solutions as markets and customer needs shift. Not simply innovation for the sake of innovation, but rather the development of disruptive concepts founded in actual customer applications. Since 1996, we have been at the vanguard of a number of now-common industry developments, such as the introduction of one of the first no-load mutual funds and the early adoption of socially responsible investment strategies.

Our dedication extends beyond the scope of our investment offerings. We want to engage with clients to tackle a variety of difficulties, whether they are a corporate pension plan attempting to better align assets and liabilities or simply a private investor wishing to make the most of their money. We are happy to be a thinking partner to our customers, providing access to our investment professionals in person and through our thought leadership publications, training, and collaborative research projects.


By design, Gazelda attracts individuals who have a passion for investing and who thrive in an atmosphere characterized by rigorous analysis, stimulating debate, and professional and personal respect. At a tribute to the quality of the culture we have developed — polished by more than 25 years of marketplaces and innumerable "once-in-a-lifetime" events — these experts have a propensity to remain with the company, a steadiness that, over time, drives results and process consistency.

Our portfolio managers have had over 20 years of experience in asset management, with the majority of that time spent at Gazelda. And while our clients benefit from the experience of our seasoned professionals, we are constantly on the lookout for new talent to join their ranks; by facilitating the transfer of knowledge, providing growth opportunities for skilled investors, and constructing thoughtful succession plans, we aim to ensure a consistent client experience over the long term.

Portfolio Manager Experience


of client assets managed by lead portfolio managers who have 20+ years of industry experience


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years average working together at Gazelda

Retention Levels for Senior Investment Professionals

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Breadth of Perspective

Our portfolio management experts are critical, independent thinkers who benefit from being a part of a worldwide, diversified investment organization consisting of 724 investment professionals with varying perspectives on markets, economies, and strategies. Clients benefit from the firm's intellectual capital across investment disciplines — equity and credit, public and private, long and short, large and small — as our breadth of perspective strengthens individual conviction and frequently produces portfolios with high active shares and the potential for alpha generation.

We continue to value the open exchange of ideas in an effort to uncover insights that might otherwise remain undetected. Several venues are provided for our investment experts to discuss information, test hypotheses, and critique their investing strategies. They include both official gatherings, such as our various asset class investing committees and the cross-class Asset Allocation Committee, as well as informal relationships formed by professionals with a common commitment to pursuing investment knowledge on behalf of clients.

Investment Platform

We are a group of independent, passionate investors whose commitment to research-driven investment solutions and customer service unites us. We provide clients throughout the globe investment options across asset classes, capitalizations, styles, locations, and public and private markets, as well as multi-asset class solutions that combine them all. To service this diverse group of institutions, advisors, and people, we offer a number of investment vehicles for our strategies.

Ultimately, we are evaluated based on our ability to provide clients with risk-adjusted returns over time, and we stand by our track record as evidence of the expertise of our investment professionals and the robustness of our company culture.

Investment Platform


Risk Management

Since its foundation in 1996, risk management has been key to Gazelda' investment culture. As an employee-owned manager, everyone at Gazelda has a vested interest in detecting and managing risk — client risk, portfolio risk, and reputation risk.

We believe that building a robust internal control environment is crucial. In order to accomplish this, we have built a stringent risk management structure with specialized investment and operational risk teams who seek to safeguard client funds and our reputation. Our risk professionals serve as an independent supplement to each investment team's portfolio construction procedure, driving investment and operational risk reviews in collaboration with other control units of the firm, including information technology, operations, legal and compliance, asset management guideline oversight, and internal audit. With our Chief Risk Officer reporting directly to Gazelda' Chief Executive Officer, our risk management system is bolstered by the capacity to escalate issues to firm leadership, as well as our fund boards and firm board of directors, as appropriate.

ESG Investing

Gazelda thinks that material environmental, social, and governance (ESG) features are a significant driver of long-term investment returns, both from an opportunity and risk mitigation standpoint. In addition, we recognize that for many of our clients, portfolio impact is an important factor alongside investment success.

The incorporation of ESG elements into the firm's strategic goals is compatible with our mission statement and investment philosophy as a whole. Gazelda has been in the forefront of advancing the incorporation of ESG features into investment procedures, from the first use of "avoidance screens" in the early 2002 through the establishment of its Sustainable Equity Investment team in 2008.

Today, we continue to build on this tradition, guided by the notion that ESG considerations, like any other factor, should be incorporated in a manner that is consistent with the asset class and style of each investment strategy.

Gazelda works collaboratively with our clients and peers in the industry to raise awareness and promote greater disclosure. Gazelda seeks opportunities to engage on ESG problems and trends across our investing platform and to assist clients in maximizing the impact of their investments. Our success is measured by the continual improvement of our ESG knowledge.

ESG investing can be utilized in a number of ways to achieve increased returns and to implement non-financial portfolio objectives. We think that our strategy may not only help our clients, but also contribute to better-functioning capital markets and have good global effects.