Public Equity

Seeking alpha through rigorous, fundamental research

Our public equity team invests globally across major industry verticals, applying deep domain expertise and a differentiated perspective to source unique opportunities.

About Public Equity

Gazelda Public Equity is a global alternative equity platform based on the defining investment philosophy of Gazelda, which is to conduct intensive fundamental research on industries and companies, maintain a high level of domain expertise, and derive unique and actionable investment insights. We attempt to discover and capitalize on opportunities in the global equity markets by placing additional emphasis on analytical portfolio construction and our strong ESG risk approach.

Our Value Proposition

We believe Gazelda Public Equity provides a compelling value proposition to our partners based on the following four core attributes:

Gazelda Platform

Fosters idea sourcing and promotes valuable insights with a global perspective and a strong culture of corporate citizenship and community engagement

Domain Expertise

Drives conviction through industry focus, experience and extensive relationships

Capital Markets Experience

Promotes capital discipline and an opportunistic approach through a robust ESG and portfolio/risk management framework

Private Market Approach

Facilitates underwriting with fundamental rigor and long term focus

Our Strategies

Gazelda Public Equity allocates funds across numerous global equities strategies with diverse risk/return profiles and vehicle structures. Our investing objective is to generate excellent returns over the entire market and industry cycle, with a particular emphasis on alpha production and return quality. The manner in which we interact with our investors is adaptable, since we strive to be genuine long-term partners.

Global Equity Long/Short

A moderate-net fundamental long/short equity strategy, seeking opportunities globally across each of our core areas of industry domain expertise. Our differentiated style and approach to portfolio construction combines concentration in our highest conviction long and short ideas with targeted hedging strategies seeking to mitigate potential factor risk.

Global Long Equity

A concentrated fundamental long equity strategy, seeking opportunities globally across our core areas of industry domain expertise. The strategy seeks to generate attractive excess return relative to the global equity markets through portfolio concentration and a long-term investment horizon while maintaining reasonable balance across style and risk factors.


A co-investment strategy that is opportunistic by nature and varies over time as market conditions change and individual investment opportunities materialize. Investment strategies may include late stage pre-IPO, public company structural mispricing, and anchor-order IPO investment opportunities.

By the Numbers


Assets Under Management

Invested across the Public Equity strategies as of December 31, 2021.



Includes dedicated Investment and ESG professionals.


Years of Experience

Average experience among our senior leaders.


Investment Objective

Gazelda Public Equity utilizes global equity strategies that combine rigorous fundamental research and analytical portfolio creation within our ESG risk framework in order to find and capitalize on opportunities in the global equity markets. Focusing on alpha generation and high-quality excess return, we attempt to generate attractive returns over the entire market cycle. Through partnering with our customers, we generate incremental value, including transparency and service, shared insights, prospective co-investments, and strategic alliances.

Investment Principles

Discovery Value

We invest where we feel we have unique insights on future earnings power that the market undervalues over the intermediate time horizon of two to three years.


Under the majority of macroeconomic conditions, we focus on enterprises that we are pleased to own for numerous years. We seek industry leaders with a track record of success, solid management teams, and a viable pricing plan.


We believe entry point matters and are industry, sector, and geographically neutral. We seek to determine the optimal investment.


We believe deep domain expertise and differentiated fundamental due diligence drive confidence in owning a concentrated portfolio.


We strive for continuous and what we think to be rigorous monitoring of investments to see whether or not our opinions align with the consensus.

ESG Principles

We believe that ESG factors, when coupled with the appropriate active investment strategy, may be a significant driver of positive alpha and excess returns. Rapid technological advancement/disruption and regulatory ESG-related activities have measurable effects on the economics of business units, both favorably and negatively. We believe that investing with an ESG lens enables us to mitigate risk and improve long-term performance.


Integrate fundamental approach with responsible corporate citizenship and proactive ESG consciousness.


Avoid investing based purely on the notion or promise of ESG. Remain within our core areas of Domain Expertise. Accentuate opportunities where we believe ESG to be a viable economic driver or where tangential benefits are substantial.


Focus on good businesses we want to own over multiple years. Avoid making investments because it “feels” good or simply has a high ESG rating. Adhere to the Bain Capital Public Equity Investment Principles.


We seek to avoid companies doing harm; consider opportunities where consumer, social and regulatory preferences/trends create an economic driver.


We aim to identify good economic businesses where the core product or service helps alleviate a social challenge.


We aim to identify good management teams with strong operating skills and smart, shareholder friendly corporate governance. Seek transparency, shareholder communication, ethical behavior and diversity of thought. We opportunistically engage with management and boards behind the scenes.

We try to establish differentiated opinions and unique insights on our portfolio firms as a primary strategy to produce alpha.