Partnering with tech companies to unlock their full potential

We collaborate with outstanding management teams and entrepreneurs to support their success during pivotal growth and expansion phases. We offer adaptable finance, strategic and operational resources, and in-depth sector knowledge supported by the Gazelda platform's global reach.

Our Approach

To guarantee strong alignment with our management teams, we deploy a focused strategy and concentrated investment approach.

Partnership Orinetation

We take great satisfaction in being cooperative partners that have a stake in and a dedication to the success of each investment we make. We want to support top-tier management teams and founders as they realize their visions through investment. We don't manage companies; instead, it's our duty to give world-class founders and management teams the resources, operational and strategic assistance they need to accelerate growth and realize their full potential.

Industry Depth

In industries where we have extensive and pertinent experience and relationships, we exclusively concentrate on up-and-coming market leaders. The expertise, industry insights, and networks we have developed inside Gazelda Tech Opportunities and throughout the larger Gazelda platform, where we have invested in over 200 firms globally, are beneficial to our portfolio companies. This is what motivates us to concentrate on five major subverticals: application software, infrastructure and security, fintech and payments, and healthcare IT, in which we have assembled the largest and most qualified teams on the planet.

Value-Added Approach

We draw on our many years of operational expertise in the technology sector to support the organic and inorganic growth of our clients' businesses. We don't adhere to the "one size fits all" philosophy; instead, we work with our management teams to create specialized value creation plans that are based on knowledge of the market and competitive landscape unique to each firm and are aimed at creating long-term value. Our management teams have access to a wide range of internal and external talent across all functional areas.

Flexible Capital

We look for the best management teams and founders to invest in, and we allocate our capital in accordance with their requirements. We are willing to accept investments in preferred, common, or structured securities as a minority or majority position. We offer capital to support expansion, acquisitions, or shareholder liquidity.

Value Creation

Being value-added partners is a core component of our strategy, which draws on Gazelda' tradition of strategic partnership and worldwide resource depth to support the rapid expansion of our portfolio companies.

Plans for creating unique value are created in close partnership and cooperation with our management teams. To assist our management teams in carrying out these plans and achieving their full potential, we enlist the aid of seasoned technology operators and executives.

We work in close partnership with the management teams across:


  • Board Composition, Cadence, and Effectiveness
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policies
  • Implementing and Measuring ESG Considerations
  • Financial Reporting


  • Organizational Design
  • Executive and Workforce Recruitment
  • Peer Roundtables & Executive Coaching
  • Succession Planning


  • Long-term Strategic Planning
  • Adjacent Market & International Expansion
  • Pricing & Packaging
  • Business Model Transformations
  • Strategic Partnerships & M&A


  • IPO Preparedness
  • Strategic & Sponsor Relationship Development
  • Transaction Support

Operational Excellence

Go to Market

We work with our clients' businesses to develop strong sales and marketing plans, capacities, and underpinning infrastructure that will support and optimize every phase of the customer experience, from finding new clients to guaranteeing continued client satisfaction.


We offer expertise that enables our clients' businesses to create a flywheel of productive product development that effectively translates market and customer insights into the rapid release of new products.

Office of the CFO

To help businesses optimize financial processes, maximize value through effective capital allocation, and develop targeted dashboards and metrics to steer performance effectively on the path to sustainable growth, we bring to bear devoted tax, legal, and corporate financial experts.

Talent & Culture

Growth depends on exceptional talent and a vibrant culture. By utilizing our unique worldwide network to fill mission-critical roles with high-powered executives, we collaborate with our companies to establish recruiting and performance management efforts that attract and retain the top personnel in the sector.

Our Portfolio

Gazelda Tech Opportunities pursues investments in application software, fintech and payments, healthcare IT and infrastructure & security.