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At Gazelda Ventures, we identify untapped talent with the power to change the world and then work to make it a reality.

About Gazelda Venture

We are a collaboration of business developers and subject matter experts looking for enthusiastic visionaries who have a unique perspective on the world. Gazelda Ventures is a multi-stage, domain-focused venture firm with approximately $10 billion in assets under management.
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Our Portfolio

We combine more than 30 years of knowledge and access to a worldwide network to help our customers expand as data and the cloud revolutionize whole industries. We concentrate on Fintech, application software/SaaS, infrastructure software, and business. Regardless of stage, our goal is to identify and fund the greatest businesses. We have invested anywhere from $1 million in seed money to $100 million in growth stock.
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Our People

More than just shareholders or board members, we are. By bringing together the institutional network, resources, and access required to turn a concept into reality, we invest from seed through growth and make full use of Bain Capital's capabilities.
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Our Advantages

We are builders, not just backers.

Deep Domain Focus

With extensive knowledge of machine intelligence, embedded fintech, next-generation data infrastructure, B2B marketplaces, and other topics, you can help the puck skate where it needs to go.

Hands-on Partnerhip

Targeted support at every step of a company's journey, from founding to IPO.

Dedicated Talent Team

Access to our extensive talent networks at all levels, assistance in laying the groundwork for recruiting, and strategic talent advising.

Proprietary Customer Development

Exposure to a broad range of IT buyers, as well as specialized introductions, executive briefings, and demo days to aid in accelerating sales pipelines and boosting revenue.

Gazelda Network

Connections to hundreds of potential customers and partners in the Gazelda portfolio, and a network of over 1000 professionals worldwide.