20210118 Charlie Ward Speaks to Delingpole

Does the British Government use suspect Dominion Servers in Canada to supply ONS with Data for Covid19 data ? hmmm. Now that is something to check, and can be checked hopefully. Yes or No ?? That might verify things one way or another. At the moment I have no clue, but the numbers coming out of HMG have always been highly suspect.

20210118 Download and watch this.

Steve Pieczenik speaks to Alex Jones.


Yeah OK AJ can be loud, Texan, and bellicose, but he is more or less well behaved in this one. You will have to listen to his adverts for multivitamins and other health remedies.

It’s 46 mins long about 800MB mp4.

It’s a nice synopsis

Steve Pieczenik is a fully qualified medical doctor btw. If he does show on AJ’s show again, it will be interesting to see the interplay between his official medical knowledge and the more unconventional remedies sold by the AJ organization. Whatever, I am sure many natural remedies are good, and we need to undo the bs behind Rockafeller Medicine. Keep what is good of course.


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20200117 China ‘Sought to Influence’ 2020 US Election

China ‘Sought to Influence’ 2020 US Election, Director of National Intelligence Assesses

CIA Management Pressured Analysts to Withdraw Assessment

China ‘Sought to Influence’ 2020 US Election, Director of National Intelligence Assesses (theepochtimes.com)

It’s looks to be a technical type of memorandum, and carefully defined. I have added my red underlining to some of the downloaded document. The red box & underlining is mine.

and here is a Trump Executive order in question.  
September 12, 2018

Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election | The White House

20210117 Some history.

Dave Hayes finally surfaces.

Dave Hayes (Preying Medic) finally surfaces. Famous qanon interpreter. Gives an update on X22 Report. “Q” has disappeared looks like. Nancy Pelosi has swept him out of the WH ? I have no idea, but I am not worried. I am not really even a “qanon” type of guy, but ones detractors will always paint you with the brush that suits them. A lot of what “Q” says is spot on, even if it is a just a “psyops” pied piper situation. I don’t think it is btw. Read on.

Red Lines Crossed – What Happens Next? – Praying Medic

Watch this Alex Jones interview of Steve Pieczenik also

Is This Dr. Steve Pieczenik’s Last Appearance on Infowars? (banned.video)

I started reading the broadcasts of Steve Pieczenik, as many of the things he said, I already had my own thoughts on, and were in good alignment. I checked his background and was startled with his amazing career working for the USA state department. What was strategically useful was that he looked like a USA Patriot and was also Jewish. When you criticise certain things as a Gentile, you immediately get painted as “anti sematic” by a lot of people, most of them idiots. It’s ridiculous, and a lot of my best pals are Jewish as they are the ones who can hack past the limits set as described. S.P is really cool in talking about these subjects, you don’t have to add anything, and if anyone says your being “anti sematic” could can wake them up to certain facts. All countries, cities, towns, , even ourselves, has good and bad in it, and we just have to strive to do better.

This is very explanatory of where we are today. Hacking and electronic warefare. “Narrative” is key

That was just for starters. For years I watched him... and all of it has pointed to the situation where we are today. He likes Alex Jones show, and appears on it. He went quiet just after the election and then finally appeared and made a prediction. To me he is far more of a reliable source that anyone I know and read of. Just saying.

SP links





I will also link a post here from Jeffery Prather. It’s scary, but he squarely puts a lot of context into what is going on. May/may not be true, but is sure makes sense to a lot of things that currently make no sense. Like why does Nancy Pelosi want to Impeach Trump for the second time in the last few days of his presidency ? How does that “Heal the Nation”?? Yeah weird, but a clear explanation is provided.


You may want to skip out minutes 19 to 49 as it just concerns recently released documents. The rest is golden.

Video Streams – Jeffrey Prather, Uncensored, Unafraid, Outside the Box

COUNTER ARGUMENTS to consider. Not saying RUSSIA or CHINA will be any better. We need to change though. Fukking up the Planet and the People on it isn’t going to do any of us any good. Money isn’t everything, and we all need to recognise and act on that important fact.

There has been problems with powerful financial groups using the USA’s military to effectively enslave countries. I have John Perkins book. It has been a problem

and we have a problem in some parts of the UK too.

and of course , one of my favourite heroes, stopped a fascist takeover of the USA many decades ago. He talks about the same thing. A real American Patriot too. Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler.


Mentions the same problem Perkins talks about here.

The recreation of Smedley Butlers speech finishes with the Star Spangled Banner. Good patriotic music. ummm ! Almost good as “God Save the Queen” (cough).