20190902 Plastic in the sea.


Caroline Power Caribbean island plastic

I am sure all of that rubbish visible in that picture could be hoovered up in about a day using the correct type of designed vessel. The ocean floors are still covered in many areas with munitions from WW2. If the same effort is expended it can all be reversed, and it can be made to pay. Same as the Keynsian concept of burying $20 notes in a mine for the workers to dig them out. A much better use of money rather then giving to rich fuks to fix CO2. Enough of the hand wringing !!!


Image result for keynes bury old mines with bank notes

20190830 Who is Larry Celona?

I suspect his name is used by a number of operatives who wish to remain anonymous. He has been in the spotlight taking care of some really famous stuff. Like he had the exclusive on Epstein’s death… and much more. He turns up in many strange deaths in NYC… just for starters. Hat tip to Titus Frost and the many other contributors for the story. Titus Frosts whole episode is worth a watch for those who want to learn more about the crazy things going on out there.

If you fast forward to here you can quickly see how bizarre it all is.

Winter Watch:


There is lots more good stuff out there… Quote ….

“Is This A Bigger Operation?

How is it political figures who are fighting for harsher laws for human trafficking, creating a human trafficking task force, a community children’s foundation, and have worked at the highest levels of defense in our country, are completely blind to the actions of a man and his co-conspirators, who coincidentally owns their father’s land right smack in the middle of all of theirs? And then, to go on and accept campaign funds, long after he was a convicted sex offender, is rather astonishing.”