The Qanon Phenomenon. Update from August 2018

This is from Titus Frost in August 2018. Looks insightful and throws a light on the history. I first saw Q when the Las Vegas incident happened… it was predicted. I always thought it had a USA intel and/or military origin. Not far off …. far as I can tell. I like Titus Frost’s stuff. The end game scenario starting about minute 20 looks about right for me, the “out of control” snowball effect holds. Great comments on the flat earth stuff etc.

Mexico and the 5% Tariff

Not good news according to one influential and staunch Republican. Tax on beer ? OMG ! ! It’s real though and the state of the world economy is wavering more than usual. I have been unable to contact SP’s site. Am I banned? I am sad if that’s the case. I believe it’s important for the public to listen to whats guys like these have to say. “A coup overnight” etc.

and on that stock market thing. Will there be enough money creation to keep it going up? It’s a triple top…. The last time we focused on tariffs to fix world economic problems was the 1930’s. Not a good place to go.

On Holocaust Denial.

Just watched this old TV interview of David Irving and Deborah Lippstadt. Watched the movie with Timothy Spalding “Denial” too. I liked the response by Deborah Lippstadt defending Americas free speech. That doesn’t seem to be the place where are today though. We all need that “little voice” and be able to listen to it.

I am a fan of Timothy Spall who plays Irving astonishingly well. If the BBC had ever did a proper documentary of 911, I would believe what they say more often… They haven’t though. They lied… deliberately… Just like David Irving did.

and lets not forget… There wasn’t just one Holocaust… there are plenty of others. The Native American Indians, The British genocides in South Africa and India, The Armenian Genocide, and the Palestinian Genocide currently under way in Gaza. The words, propaganda, and racial profiling are exceeding similar to what we heard from the Third Reich. jmho.


Like Watergate except bigger.

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Looks like the chit is finally hitting the fan. This is about Trump being spied upon and also lied about running up to his election. This will be big. Enormous probably. UK and Australian spy agencies involved too.

Preying Medic (Hardcore trump supporter) enlightens with the latest.

Very important discussion regarding Wikileaks and Julian Lasange. Infers he is being protected ( by American intelligence sources loyal to Trump) Anyone who thinks this is not a big deal, frankly (imho) just doesnt have a clue.

Seth Rich. Ukraine, UK, Australia, etc, etc.