Welcome to the new Silicon Age!

OK, we have had several ages up till now. The Golden Age, Silver Age, Iron Age…. and now we have a NEW AGE and I am going to call it the Silicon Age. There may be objections, some will want to go for Germanium, Diamond, Indium Antimonide, and all sorts of other stuff, but Silicon is much more abundant in the Earths crust, we know lots about it, and it is almost ubiquitous in electronic equipment these days. I will say at this point though everything is up for edit once the normal review procedure has been considered and the site administration informed.


So, before we fully embrace the Silicon Age, and we already seem fairly attached to it, we better celebrate, salute, and give due honour to the passing age that will still be with us in many ways. Iron, just like gold and silver will be still with us, but not quite so prominent in influence on our lives. As a retired semiconductor process engineer, I can say I loved working with Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Aluminium, and many other materials, not just silicon. However Iron was kept at arms length at least, and the only love of Iron I have is from usual metalworking. I would call myself a wood worker rather then a metal worker in terms of ability and experience. Never the less, it seems to be in my bones and in my soul , if you give me a hammer I will seek for some iron to work into something useful.

I was half lost in an ancient forest called Bowden Wood on a walk one day, deep in thought, when I came across this statue. He is called “Parkway Man” and I think he suits my purpose regarding the celebration of the passing Iron Age rather well.


I like watching these old documentary movies on the late steel making industry in the UK.


Now some suitable music needs to accompany this visual feast, and only a work of classical music will do. There is only piece I think conveys the superb strength and abilities, the determination, artistic skill and indeed power of the iron workers that gave birth and sustenance to the Iron Age. From the prince of darkness we have…

I thinking maybe a new video could be made one incorporating the music track of course, but showing scenes from an iron foundry, complete with scenes from the massive structures and weapons that Iron gave us as the those were inspiration behind that particular score rather then some comic book character. I believe the original artists will confirm. A reader of the Beano and the Dandy kicks in here…


Anyway, we will move on from here… and progress is needed.


One of the better things about our fiat monetary system is that things get over produced. No matter what the latest technology is, everyone rushes to it and tries to get into a dominant position in the market. The result is banks lend huge amounts of money into new technology, new factories and research facilities are set up and the new technology business booms. The trouble is there will be too many players in the market, the economics of scale will drive production and the market will get flooded with too many products. Many of the players in the market then go bust.

Wanton debt laden fiat money extremely wasteful of the world’s resources, and causes havoc,  but there you go, it’s where we are ,  at the moment. 

So if you wait a year or two, usually about a year, you can scoop up the new (but now “old”) technology for cents on the dollar. This is one of the primary reasons this site exists. A secondary purpose of the site is to help save the planet.

This site is running on new technology at the moment, but I hope to be running up some older technology soon.

I used to really like  listening to James Burke talk about technology  when I was a youngster.  he was popular on a number of TV broadcasts.  Still like to hear his view now I am slightly older.

Connections S01E01 The Trigger Effect

If that like doesn’t work, try this one.


Edit: 20181130

Lots of weird 911 facts to check here.

A backgrounder.

Think it’s crazy? Here is more from S.P https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLtoANsg2AM

And look carefully at Ole Dammaguards video at 1hr 20 mins to 24 mins. It should be an eye opener if you never have reviewed this material before.        https://youtu.be/97a7RxUu-yM?t=4684

It’s all worth watching in full of course imho. Prepare to be shocked and awed if you are previously unaware of this content.