FISA Declassification.

From a Year ago, Dec 2017.  Four far sighted revealing minutes.

Everyone at the moment is twiddling with their fingers waiting on the “Fisagate” outcome.  Looks to be the next step in events.

From September 2018.

and from the praying medic.

News today (Saturday 1st Dec) that George Bush senior has passed on out of this world, this is on top of the recent passing of McCain.  Times are a changing.

Here is some Q drop analysis that also indicates things are heating up.  The drops go dry for weeks then it pours. Like now.

It’s all  further proof that conspiracies do not exist I guess 🙂

Deep State Update with Bill Mitchell

Weekend movie diversion.  One of my favs. “Double Indemnity” 1940’s Black and White Film Noir.

Edward G. Robinson scene on Statistical Analysis. Used to do that kinda stuff back in  my engineering days.  Love this scene.

It’s got the obligatory  911 scene in it too. Car 9 section 11.

Could there have been an insurance payout scam be worked on 911?  One wonders. It would be listed as one of the more minor crimes (by comparison) committed on that terrible day,  11 September 2001.

A question for students of electronic circuit design. What is a “feedback loop” ?

What is 911 backwards? How about 11/9/1965 ? Go to “The Gazelda Links” post number one… “The trigger effect” and learn about flight 911. That is Scandinavian Flight 911 that flew on 11/9/1965, or in U.S.A notation “9/11” in 1965. James Burke tells the story back before 17th October 1978 while standing on the top of one of the  WTC’s.

AND if your not an electronics student, your already learning about a “feedback loop” and what it does, if you read this little note.

You maybe become a student of logic and deduction that way too.

Remember to read up the later posts ( The De Havilland Comet investigation) describing  what a proper investigation looks like.  Evidence is gathered up and examined for clues, not carted away and melted down ASAP.  That would be an extremely odd and unusual thing to do where an unexplained event occurred, and public safety was at risk.  Especially if a building just suddenly fell down in an unexpected way.  That would be an important  matter of  immediate concern.

Just one of those curious things I guess.



Onto some lighter stuff on Science and Humans.

Here we are going to study humans. A particular human in this case that goes by the stage name of “Lionel Nation”. By all means find out who his real name is and his background.   He does rattle on, far worse then I do imho, but  whose frequent broadcasts offer a great insight into the average American mind.  He is my replacement for Alistair Cooke almost.  Not only that but I consider him a mould what the USA military would consider  (listen to S.P) “an appropriate  voice of opposition and discontent” that they have deemed necessary for the viability and strength of their Republic and it’s Constitution.  I am impressed actually. I am thinking the UK could up it’s game a bit along the same lines.

My slightly suspicious mind thinks maybe there is more to meeting the eye here with Lionel Nation… some collusion even ! According to Lionel,  by itself “Collusion” is not against any USA law…  thus  he explains himself.  I joke,  he probably has found a broadcasting niche that he is happy to sing his song in.

Never mind the subject material , this is an expose on the mind of Lionel Nation.   I used to work for several of the grandaddy companies that were supposed to have helped put man into the air, space and beyond. By the very nature of the work one ends up doing “defense stuff”, and that’s OK, that is a subject for another post,  and I have my own views on manned space flight to the Moon.  I think Lionel expressed his views here  well, and appropriately.  For me this is all about Lionel and the American mind set in it’s varieties, not the Moon.

The guy is a seasoned broadcaster.

Lionel’s utube channel.

One more broadcast from Lionel.

April fools day broadcast and the cat story. 

Lionels cat story is 14 mins 20 seconds in, and explains more about Trumps relationship with the Press.

Just to be consistent and ensure I am not seen pinching another’s content without acknowledgement,  Lionel’s  utube channel is located here.

Don’t know what I am talking about yet? OK google how many news stories mention the grand jury announcement on 911, and well… this kinda news…

and you begin to realize how unlevel the MSM Press playing field is.  fuk em.

Here is a recent re tweet by Trump of a tweet NOT from Trump.  Is this guy scared of Mueller ya think? Did his defence lawyer say it was OK to do this??

The big difference between Trump and your average Internet troll? He has 56 million followers. Which makes what he is doing very, very dangerous.

-lol- Trump gets two thumbs up here.  The dangerous people are these types… Guys suggesting radical solutions to “Global Warming”.  I have seen how sneaky they are with their lies, their  foreboding forecasts,  and precursor events with news narrative to suit on how things are going to go.  Often without any real evidence to back it up. it’s all made up.  If universities and other institutions had some balls and call 911 for what it was, then I might listen to something they have to say.

Here is that link I mention.

Here is Corbetts site. I am a subscriber, you can find his contributions on many free sites such as utube as well.

20181213 update:-  Q & A on whats happening  on climate change.

Get the picture?  Donald Trump needs to up his trolling skills if anything. However, 20 years of experience on the threads tells me he probably has some good experts working for him in the background. God bless um.

The MSM Press are putting themselves out of business and we are taking over. That would be the normal folks of the world who know B/S when they see and hear it.  The MSM press do not currently report on the news in a balanced way. If the ownership of the press was by normal people one would hear opposing views, not all singing from the same song sheet as we hear every day.

Oh, and btw this is a great movie if you haven’t seen it.  An oldie but goldie.

I think it’s first occurrence of the “black helicopter”  mindset. Sheer entertainment. I intend to watch it again soon.

911 Evidence. The considerations.


David Chandler.  A High School teacher using some basic Physics proves the official story wrong.

D.C is a  real world hero imho.

Some of his earlier work.  Outstanding stuff, and sadly only one of the very few scientists and engineers to belly up and tell the truth as they knew it.  The press are just a bunch of cowards and liars. Plain and simple.



By way of comparison:- The De Haviland Comet crashes circa 1954

This is what a real public investigation looks and feels like. The guilty were discovered, but there were many who opposed to find out what was really going on.  Notice how evidence is gathered up and examined early on rather then disposed of as quickly as possible. This is maybe the first clue in to what really happened on 911. Also notice how all theories are considered carefully over time before reaching any hasty conclusion.

It’s not really that hard to figure out what’s going on here is it?  If you think it is… look at the evidence for longer and a little  harder with an open mind. The very obvious will surface before long imho.

David Chandler annihilates the validity of the NIST 911 explanations..



Media bias. 911 The last man out. It tells a recurring story.

The story self explains everything.

and even if the media has a blackout on (say) the 911 grand jury, tongues have already started to wag about other stuff. A lie maybe a lie, but he clearly shows intent.


Lockerbie Reminder.


What has investigator ROBERT MUELLER been doing for the last year?

Oh Really Mr Rosenstein ?

it goes on and on…

but coming to a big HALT soon. It’s over. Mueller might of been pleading for Clemency for all I know, the FACT is though the JIG is UP.

See post date 6th November 2017, and you will maybe understand the imagery better.

++++911—— THE GRAND JURY IS A GO!!! SEE THE EVIDENCE… —–911+++++

The legal stuff:-

A small snapshot.  The documents can be read in full at the sites, you need to Left Mouse Button press down while dragging up to see the rest of the document.




see post from November 2017 to get a fuller picture

I have been posting at the site below  more than 20 years.   This story goes back a long ways. You can search the site back to the 1990’s


tut tut. “Decision comes after Turkish president accuses billionaire philanthropist of trying to destroy nations”

Looks to me a lot of things are beginning to happen.

and Piezeniks in a good mood.  USA conservatives look to be  ascendent which also means chit is going to happen imho.  Here is his view on a wide range of Foreign policy subjects including Brexit and Theresa May.

and from the “Praying Medic” .

yep… I think there is going to be some incoming from these guys.

ITV and documentary on “Q”? Yeah lets have a look at that… cant find it. I did find this article in the Guardian Newspaper from February this year… this will do.

There are some obvious problems here. Very obvious. Anyone with some knowledge of high school physics will know that something is dreadfully wrong with the official 911 explanation. It’s called building 7.  It has never been examined properly, or even superficially. If you are investigating the biggest crime that ever happened on USA soil, you don’t just dump the evidence either.  Where was the forensic crime team the American TV shows are famous for?  Oh … bad luck… they were on assignment on a training exercise elsewhere. I have a bridge to sell to Guardian readers if people actually believe that was all “above board”.

Does everyone really believe that all the information posted on the Q anon boards is just from some internet “conspiracy whackos”  who don’t know what they are doing?  What about the NSA recording everyone’s emails and phone calls. Do you believe that? What about the Vegas prediction I talked about earlier??

I am not suggesting that the NSA and “Q anon” have anything to do with one and another BUT they do co exist and that should tell you something.

Here is some NSA PR stuff that was posted.  It’s wtfu time for a lot of folks.. not just HC and company.

There was some kind of fracas with UK and Australian intelligence agencies hinted at earlier on too, and the out come of that seems to be still in process.  The USA guys are smiling and that is not a good sign for the opposition.

Rather then talk poppycock about “conspiracy theorists” the Guardian should have been using it’s investigative abilities (they have lots of talent) into separating fact from fiction in the events described in an even handed way. That didn’t happen… and why is that btw?

“Conspiracy Realists” is a much better term, and that hard learning lesson is coming soon in the suit of spades  imho.