So who is this Donald Trump fella anyway?

Actually the correct question is whom does he represent and who is backing him ?  That may answer a lot more questions why he has been successful to date in the teeth of a lot of opposition.  I am not really a supporter of Trump,  I support Jeremy Corbyn (if anyone)  as I am not really a big fan of politicians.

No, … Donald Trump came in to my life because of who he represents.  For a long time I became very suspicious of the 911 even in 2001 as the science behind the collapse became apparent. David Chandlers work on building 7 was proof beyond all reasonable doubt that 911 was an inside job (and very badly covered up, just JFK)  as shown from the responses by NIST.

Just like in the JFK case a lot of people who said anything contrary to the official story got “disappeared” one way or another.


“When the Select Committee on Intelligence Activities and Select Committee on Assassinations began investigating Kennedy’s death in the 1970s the deaths of potential witnesses increased dramatically. This included several criminals with possible links to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Those who were killed or who died in suspicious circumstances during this period included Malcolm Wallace (1971), Lucien Sarti (1972), Charles Willoughby (1972), Thomas Davis (1973), Richard Cain (1973), Dave Yarras(1974), Sam Giancana (1975), Jimmy Hoffa (1975), Roland Masferrer (1975), Johnny Roselli (1976), George De Mohrenschildt (1977), Charlie Nicoletti (1977) and Carlos Prio (1977).”

It got so ridiculous it was almost a funny joke if it wasn’t for the serious nature of the matter.  I feel for people like this and their families.

That was a case of the ‘ol “Boston brakes” being applied if you ask me.  There are lots of ways… Orange juice with heart attack virus in it,  all sorts of accidents, very aggressive cancers,  and bad luck with operations in hospitals.  Check the statistics if you are incredulous. Statistics don’t lie unless they are twisted.

Of course the families of 911 are still suffering as the illnesses are still kicking in today.  It really is a terrible scandal in all respects.  NIST, EPA, every one of those government institutions let the side down ever since that day.

Then we has the weird events like the Sandy Hook incident. The so called “facts” stunk to high heaven and there seemed to be a weird force behind all this that seemed to have a common thread.

Then came Vegas.  What was unusual was a rumour that spread around that something was going to happen in  Vegas, and sure enough it did. The very weird hallmarks were once again incident, but from that “happening” emerged “Q”.

From 911 in 2001 to about 2006 I was undergoing my own personal challenges and I did not feel ready to debate in the public arena on events like 911.  I already had my own version of paranoia, and I did not need to build on it with the 911 controversy.  Now I can though… and yes it is scary.

I felt good when I came across another “truth warrior” (as we are sometimes scathingly known) called Steve De’ak. Sure we have been lead down garden paths by those who are really out to discredit the 911 truth movement, but well… the truth doesn’t change and controversy brings strength to those who can see it, no matter who the opposition is.  Steve’s  site is something I have a lot of common agreement on and I applaud his efforts.  really insightful stuff.  Not nice, but 911 was not a “nice” event.

So it looked for a whole decade or so, about 15 years, like it was me and a few others against the rest of the world… including the USA military, the CIA, the FBI, on 911 truth and a few other matters like JFK and Lockerbie.  BUT I also just knew there must be people all over the world who are really just like me and want to live normal lives without this dark authoritarian  force interfering with their lives. I had been studying money since the mid 1990’s and I felt sure there was something sinister in the background.  Fiat money and the world of perpetual debt with all the wonderful produce of humankind did not seem right. Not right at all.

Back to Donald Trump.  I know he has wealthy backers like Sheldon Adelson, and I have a feel for the various components in these issues. At the end of the day, as suggested by Steve Pieczenik, it does come down to negotiation. A subject, btw,  S.P  is an expert on. A master even.  So listening to SP I became encouraged a little  because he has a well know reputation withing USA government circles, and he was saying the same things I was thinking.  I have no concerns from real  American Patriots as they will be seeing things very much along the same lines as I do.  Then came  this… sure  I will post the counter theme to make sure no one gets bleary eyed on hope… but this  was a very pleasant surprise to know  powerful USA intelligence forces (the NSA at least) were maybe working on the same page as the rest of us few, and probably have been working on the issues for some time.

and if the NSA are in on it, probably some others are too… and that would include me.

The “Q” thing video once again.  Here is someone else commenting on it, and I tend to agree with everything he says.  This video is published without permission, but I am happy to change as required / if needed.

and here is the counter meme from the mid terms.


Yeah yeah yeah. Sure.  Maybe the good lady should give up smoking as it’s bad for her health. Things can change but you gotta work at it.  I know that for sure.

Facing the facts on facebook. A conversation on population.


Nigel Beckwith:  Austerity and all that sails in it is sure to prove effective as a precursor to any more drastic overt policies regarding population “control”.

Alan Huddsludds:  Usual Marxist analysis which highlights abusive capitalist programs for birth control in the past without looking scientifically at the current global situation from an ecological standpoint. ie ‘Population control was attempted in the past to promote a political agenda, therefore any call now to reduce human population must also serves a similar political agenda.’ This analysis is wrong because. 1.The human capacity to damage the biosphere has increased massively since the 1970s. Even if concerns about population were exaggerated then does not mean they are now. 2. Actual damage has massively increased, eg species loss., pollution 3. Marxists share the delusion with capitalists (eg IMF) that the world’s population of 7 billion + can be brought up to middle class western standards of living without serious damage to the biosphere. 4. Water resources are already depleted and de-salination would require massive imputs of energy, even if it was possible. Maybe a Utopia of glass and concrete with a population living on synthesised foods is achievable – but would the humans living in such a bubble be any more human. No – I believe less. They would become cogs in cities which functioned like machines and demanded total conformity. Alienation from nature and the natural self would be even more pronounced. We need policies to reduce population increase – including the distribution of wealth so people do not have to depend on offspring for their old age. Capitalism is only interested in creating more consumers. States and religious ideologies want more more followers. The economic drive to increase human population is where the problem lies and to depict concerns about it as a conspiracy against the poor by a few billionaires distorts the fact that poverty and population growth are inherent not only in capitalism but in technological society of whatever kind of social and political order, such as the ‘Socialism’ of the Marxist technocrats.

Nigel Beckwith The article hints more at eugenicist approaches to me unless I have missed the point. Sadly it is all fitting with a darker agenda that I think was expressed in this article. My concern is not to dismiss a utopian future with humans and nature living in harmony. Mine is to raise doubts about the agenda in the minds of the current global elite and sadly they lie like hell to disguise that agenda and present faux science to support it and unless we can really get to the bottom of it we cannot solve the problem in the most wise and harmonious way. The way that is being sold by them now is not wise nor will it lead to a harmonious end.

Nigel Beckwith I agree that we should not be promoting an expansion in Human population.

Nigel Beckwith This article was written in 2009.

Alan Huddsludds Yes, Nige, the article does refer to Eugenics, which is a bit disingenuous because population control (even bad kinds) does not ipso facto serve a Eugenicist agenda. Class differences and a Eugenically engineered population are not the same thing, though they did often coincide since the poor were assumed to be biologically inferior.

Nigel Beckwith Alan, my point for posting it is that population control will never be in our hands directly, and eugenicist approaches are being promoted and this supports it stating meetings with movers and shakers again, so it is not just a wild conspiracy notion. What they desire is never brought about by telling the public the brutal truth, they require our help in bringing about our own demise, and sadly history show us that we always abide as the agenda merely has to be re packaged with chosen words that sanitise it…”For God, for country, for the planet”..always sold as a higher cause. I am just saying we need to be careful what we wish for and put our energy behind, as in the end it might not be entirely our purests thoughts that are at work.

Anthony Powell It’s a big subject. Frankly it’s only the people who can control this through education and discussion. imho. … it’s not a government thing unless war and disease is decided to be the solution.

Arithmetic, Population and Energy – a talk by Al Bartlett

Nigel Beckwith There is no question in my mind that the social elite are the ones who create the agendas that will be implemented, and unless a think tank is sponsored by them that think tank won’t get a look in.

Anthony Powell Nigel Beckwith well we have internet now and every person on the planet can talk to everyone else on the planet. The “social elite” are going to be taken down a few pegs and the change will do them good. There are challenges. If you take the Catholic church for example, they always push for more population as it gives them more power. This makes a big difference in democracies even with all the usual flaws. On the other hand if several adults are supporting a single child, on average that child will have better education opportunities, etc, because of the better financial environment it grows up in. Yeah I get the “social elite” bit … money does count bigtime, but it will be easier to level the playing field as the lower income people organize better through using the internet. The overpopulation issue will be very pressing indeed (barring disasters) within one more doubling period. i.e if you intend you grandkids lives to be successful, things are gonna have to change otherwise we are just like the mould on an orange and we destroy our base… mother earth for ourselves. The planet will hardly notice, within a million years, a blink in geological time, there wont be a sign left anywhere that we ever existed. It’s down to us… do we have functional brains or what ? There are usually solutions to problems.

Nigel Beckwith I like your optimism. I aim to be optimistic too but I also realise the sheer scale of disinformation out there and the lack of acuity of so very many people that the internet is a mixed blessing. I agree though that it has great potential.


You have to listen to the full speech to understand the import of it.

It wasn’t just the commies imho.  Kennedy had his hands full, and he paid a heavy price for his error.  There was no one there at his side apart from Jackie,  and sadly she found out what is was like to lose a loved one to war.  Johnson knew when to duck.


“a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy.”

I wonder who and what he was talking about there?

22 November 1963, Dallas, Texas, United States.  Jackie, on the plane back home. 

God Bless America.

The fact is… that story is 99% known about now.  There were plenty of shooters but Oswald wasn’t one of them.  That tells you everything you need to know to get started

Nikita Khrushchev WEPT,

Castro repeated over and over again…

“This is very bad news”


So what does that mean?

The crushing counter meme.

One always has to acknowledge good humour.

Although not a voter (or a USA citizen) , one hopes for good things, and as I said earlier, something is going to happen sooner or later.  If you have been following the story I have stated so far, you will know there will be some big changes.  Mr Trump and company  seem happy with progress, that’ s all I can say.

The leader of the  Conspiratorium (Lionel Nation) speaks.  I liked the other speakers too.



For the Doubting Thomases

Yeah, we all have our doubts… but listen in to what this gentleperson has to say…

and btw…

note to  the asshole “copyright” censors. Why dont you go suppress some lies instead of the truth.  You will die one day and God will judge you too.

He is my second go on the video.

I was a semiconductor process engineer for 25 years.  All the electronics you use every day are based on the good work of real engineers and scientists. Respect the hallowed ground you step on.  Sure he can be wrong, but his opinion is to be respected until proven otherwise.

Now various blogs have been banned for speaking out the truth (like the facts shown here)  If that happens, not only will I republish using a different platform, not only I will sue (I paid nearly $15 for this software) ,  …  I have my own “stuff” (servers and internet publishing software, etc) .  Just try me, and lets see where it gets . One of my fav memes.:- This is one of John Travolta’s better movies he appeared in.

Image may contain: one or more people and text

But I joke only. I just wish to gently remind people to sometimes consider the alternate view.  I used to work with a research engineer once who was called “Sheldon”.  The TV series that has an actor in it called “Sheldon” closely approximates to the  guy I had to work with.  He had to go on a special  course at the HR’s departments request how to respect he co workers.  I found him fun to work with anyway.  He is still out there somewhere.  He used to say the “I just wish to gently remind people” phrase. It still makes me chuckle.  Ivar Giaever  was and still is a great contributor  to science and technology, even if he is wrong.  That has yet to be seen though. He has guts too, a material that seems to be in short supply amongst scientists, teachers, and government officials these days.  There are however, and happily, exceptions to the rule.


A stolen meme.  You know who you are. My respects.

So …MAYBE there is something in this CONSPIRACY STUFF after all, … isn’t there? It stares us in the face everyday.

Money is one of the most important aspects to any successful life.

Our world finances are out of control at a personal level (in most cases),  at a city wide level, at a county level, and a national level,  AND a world wide level !!! A truly frightening realization

Why in this in this world of invention industry and abundance do we have such problems? It makes no sense. In fact it’s ridiculous ! It’s mind boggling ridiculous !!!

So why is this happening? The most important point in a video below is at 2 minutes and 4 seconds. Here is a still screen capture.

A Screenshot from Paul Grignon’s “Money as Debt”