The Main Steam Media have lost the plot.

Example: –   “Russia’s support for Trump’s election is no longer disputable”  

This piece, like the dozens of others hitting the headlines is nothing but FAKE NEWS. It’s all the rage these days.

The MSM have become evermore shrill, ineffective, and meaningless. 

Steve Pieczenik says all that needs to be said. 

Russia, Trump & Hillary. FYI
What we are reading in the newspapers and seeing on TV is Ludicrous.

Real American Cop.

It’s circa 2001, but some links improve with age, and this one is classic  Mike Ruppert. 

This is an excerpt from Rupperts presentation below that I found on utube.  This tells the big picture story.                 

The whole world looks to be  just another episode of “Hill Street Blues”. Interesting enough  Mike Ruppert has Israel and Mossad as only knowing about 911, and getting their people out in time, and  besides warning the USA government beforehand.  Whatever, it’s something for the Grand Jury to have a hard look at.  Have not seen this before yesterday, and you can see the parallels to my entries on this blog.  Minute 42 to about 50 give a terrifying insight what is keeping our wobbling economies afloat. 

Never mind  “CSI”, this would be a hit TV series for sure. 

So if you have kids, and want the best for them, be interested in what is really going on in the world.  Ensure every kid is educated on the nature of money and  how our banking system works today … before age 8…, and the nature of the exponential equation before age 14.  The cartoons provided by Paul Grignon is an excellent place to start.  Compulsory examinations in both subjects before they are allowed to leave school.   A little real history wouldn’t do them much harm either.  By the time they grow up there will be changes for sure. 

Which brings me to here on the Internet  to Catherine Austin Fitts. I have heard her interviews  a few times over the years. I thought she was OK, but actually I should have listened and studied her material even  more carefully.  She knows whats what.

“2nd Qtr Wrap Up: Theme: Productivity, Prosperity & the Popsicle Index”

Finally, a report that makes sense to humans.  It isn’t just our financial well being & pensions that are at stake, it’s everything we hold dear including our pensions. There are slight differences. 

Thank you to Gene Laratonda on FB who provided the original  link.

If you ever lose an email, or text, telephone number, or contact info on that hot date you found on the internet….

Just ask for a copy to be sent over !  

I’m joking of course. They have a copy (“They” = NSA) of course,  but would not send a copy,  and may even deny they ever had the file in the first place !

Bill Binney explains. 

I’ve gotten used to the concept, but it took me a while.  Video from “Crowd Source The Truth”

This video is about 60 minutes long. I have only watched the first 30 mins for far, but will be watching the rest.  It’s stuff we need to know. 

Robert Steele looks to be getting into deeper do do, but there ya go.  Gotta see what else is going on. 

Robert David Steele’s Website.

There is a massive robotic version of  John Edgar Hoover out there, digging up the dirt on you and keeping it filed  “just in case” it’s needed sometime… for some reason.   The 1960’s USSR Russian commies had a lot to learn from today’s Americans how to be a big brother.  

Here is some FBI records released on Feyman.  One of my favourite guys. 

Just finished watching the last of this.  God bless Bill Binney, and God Bless America.  If you watch it all, you will know where my loyalty rests. Hey !!! I said nice things about the NSA too, but a balanced view of reality needs to be held on our modern state of communications on the global scale.  GCHQ? well that remains what Parliament says about them.  Thank you ggerch for the link.  Here is a mirror, made in the USA, for them to look into. It’s not just the Trump supporters and Republicans who are taking the p*ss out of HRC.  And those false flags…. we all know about these now don’t we ?  No need to bring up all that unpleasant stuff.  We can all agree on that. 

This mirror was proudly made in the USA.

Here is an American Republican’s view on similar subjects.  Wars mainly.  If you listen carefully, it’s not a lot different.  Oh there is some “conspiracy theory” in there, but what can I say… he has worked in the intelligence community and has an extensive resume working for the USA government. For some reason I find his views agreeable too.  

a later broadcast (repeated from earlier post). Very mirror like for some reason.

  Thank you Steve Pieczenik for keeping us educated on World events. 
Proudly posted in the UK.

This will be nearly the last of my posts. My future lies into providing technical services, if I am capable of delivering my project.   I will be in the background,  but I thought I would leave a little sampler of what my thoughts and views are here at the tail end of 2018.  I can polish up whats here, seen various typos etc, and maybe even put in a comment here and there for clarification and updates. 

Money and Markets.

Here is a Bernie Sanders video on Jessie’ s  Cafe Americain


and regarding money supply,  from Acting Man

A Global Dearth of Liquidity

Website: –

From Stever Piezeniks site.

All serious stuff.  Truman was right. It’s not a depression until you have lost your job.  I lost mine some time ago.


Then we have the really,  really,  R-E-A-L-L-Y stupid stuff in the MSM. In this case the UK Independent newspaper.  Remember the banks print as much money as they want then “lend” (they never had it in the first place) it to you and charge interest on it. This mathematically gives rise to an exponential increase in both debt and the money supply. See my earlier posts on the exponential function and the human perception of it, and even on Money itself.  Yet the MSM want you to feel guilty for spending too much. The banks  create the problem and you get blamed for it. Convenient eh? Oh and the MSM get to ridicule  Trump. There ya go !!

see video in main screen at the top “Global debt: Who does it belong to? And what factors are affecting it?


All the more reason to see though this b/s and spread the word.


Now here is a real plan. Blankfein and  company  would have to approve or somehow be removed from the signoff loop before it became law.  I wonder who cooked this idea up?  The rest of the CB’s could follow suit.  Anybody see problems with the plan?

Now, yes it was a  just an idea,  Trump has achieved a few campaign promises, but the above suggestion would be world shaking if it’s achieved.

How to do it?  It’s gonna take a lot of lifters on a world wide scale… and we have got um.  There is maybe a million  guys who disagree, and I reckon 7 odd billion who would agree with the change.  It’s a matter of getting everyone to understand  whats what.  It’s your money, …. well “cough” …. it’s supposed to be your money… the fruits of your labour.  Have a think about it.

Where we are Dec 5th in the Stock market.

INDU dailys. A triple top. Not a good sign for bulls.

INDU weeklys. A double top. Whats the best hope here? Got to power through the longer term triple top too. Not a good sign for bulls.

Doesn’t mean it can’t happen. But it will take a serious insertion of money into stocks to get past this chart interpretation.

More can be read about chart interpretation here. I think the DP market wrap up for the end of the month for November is effectively  that the monkey is a bear. The previous weeks DP wrap remarks are my guide.

This is a live version too of the chart too,

Looked after by these guys. Decisionpoint, now part of Stockcharts.

jfk stuff. The number 42 (Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy number ) comes up.

Just after about 8:30 mins:secs in.


The guy seems genuine to me.  A lot of these stories do.  The b/s ones from official sources are usually I have a problems with.  Mainly because they  are put together in a  concocted way for some reason.   Pieces of a puzzle that don’t fit, even though the newspapers talk all about it.  Just like Joshua Thompson says in a  previous link.

another titbit.

Daniel Marvin is the author of the book, Expendable Elite (2003). He was working on a book about William Pitzer entitled The Smoking Gun: The Conspiracy to Kill LCDR William Bruce Pitzer when he died on 19th January, 2012.

So what about that Petro Dollar?

Annie Machon on speakers corner.


Wait for the “hit nail on the head moment” on this video.

so there it is.

Frankly I have forgiven the NSA for our loss of privacy.  Personally, I have gotten used to it, and very frankly indeed,  I mistrust them  less then all the other spooks world wide…. I certainly trust them several light years more then our lot, and I particularly don’t trust the UK government.  They are the pits at the current time.  If they manage to nail some major crooks using mass surveillance, then I send a donation cheque to the annual Christmas Ball Charity event.

But the Yuan and the USD and  Iran. There is where the economic “tectonic plates” meet and where problems are centred.

Lets face it though, the current world wide banking system is a super swamp within general swamp areas on the globe. Do I need to illustrate further? UK HSBC and RBS banks  are suitable lines of enquiry for swampiness.  The current fiat banking system with it’s exponentially increasing debt, needs chucking out and replacing with something far more reliable like a cryptocurrency maybe?  I dunno, I just live here.  If you think the current system is OK, sorry  we need to recognise the elephant in the Room. Look up the professor Barlett links  shown earlier. “The biggest weakness of the human race is it’s failure to understand the exponential function.”

But one hopes that the predominant conservative forces in the USA are looking at things with open eyes, maybe with an innovative penchant, rather then just have a war of the f**ked up USD versus the f**ked up Yuan.

Oddly enough,  Trump and company seem to already several steps ahead.  Really, when are we going to get some intelligent debate and some approval for the very good things these guys in the USA are doing?

From the Steve Pieczenik  site today.

We need to let the MSN, BBC, the UK Government  etc, know what they are doing is useless,  even  counterproductive.

Got more to say about the Channel Islands later.

Europe: The ongoing Deutsche Bank AG (DB) debacle.

and at about 2 mins 45 secs.

“5 more major scandals since 2017”

It’s actually gotten tiresome.

Listen in at about minute 11.00 for a minute or two.

who actually go out and kill people. right yeah but you make a buck as the bankers and such and again none of this it obviously is good for the soul but it hasn’t been good for the shareholders as well they’ve ripped off the shareholders consistently

I think some Law and Order is a tad overdue.

Listen to it all here.

Bio on William Black:-

William Black Tells the Ugly Truth!