20180810 #Expose the bs!

James Corbett of the Corbett report

And it’s partly being done to use Covid19 as the cover and the EXCUSE ! Why? The banking system is about to fail bigtime. It was was due to break anyway, the financial system is designed to fail and extract all of your wealth. It was designed as a fiat system. generate as much debt as we can take and then charge interest on the whole debt making the situation completely impossible ! Blame it on Covid19, though, not the politicians and bankers who designed the system !! It’s all “old hat” really… done in various forms before. Blame the people, especially the poor. They didn’t wear facemasks and touched their faces when they did. They tried to save a bit of money when they should have every last penny and then some !


How much money is there, and how much is the derivative exposure?


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