Second Florida City Decides to Pay Ransomware Demand, and a Third Reveals Ransomware Infection (June 26, 2019)

So… strange…. we hear from Bill Binney in an earlier contribution

That every email and phone conversation on the PLANET is monitored by the USA security agencies… and they employ the best and the brightest. Somehow though hackers are able to ransom city authorities out of millions of dollars with ransomware… and nobody can do anything about it. It looks to me the government are no longer serving the citizens who pay them to do their job. It’s a planet wide problem at the moment, looks like.


Titus Frost. The Qanon Phenomenon. Update from August 2018

This is from Titus Frost in August 2018. Looks insightful and throws a light on the history. I first saw Q when the Las Vegas incident happened… it was predicted. I always thought it had a USA intel and/or military origin. Not far off …. far as I can tell. I like Titus Frost’s stuff. The end game scenario starting about minute 20 looks about right for me, the “out of control” snowball effect holds. Great comments on the flat earth stuff etc.

20190826 “He knew where the bodies were buried”

Mexico and the 5% Tariff

Not good news according to one influential and staunch Republican. Tax on beer ? OMG ! ! It’s real though and the state of the world economy is wavering more than usual. I have been unable to contact SP’s site. Am I banned? I am sad if that’s the case. I believe it’s important for the public to listen to whats guys like these have to say. “A coup overnight” etc.

and on that stock market thing. Will there be enough money creation to keep it going up? It’s a triple top…. The last time we focused on tariffs to fix world economic problems was the 1930’s. Not a good place to go.