Bill Meehan of Cantor Fitzgerald

911 still counts here…. I used to talk to, but mostly read on the internet, commentary from a guy called Bill Meehan of Cantor Fitzgerald…. (See attached links) …. ACE guy, and still very much missed by many… especially the small investors and speculators who liked to play the stock market. God bless Bill Meehan and his grieving family who undoubtedly miss him even more, and all those who still suffer from that awful 911 false flag event. Justice is still to be served as I see it….. and the one thing my experience in the USA told me was avoid fights until you were sure your gonna W-I-N !!!! My experience on the Real Estate market in the USA is my informal MBA in economics as I tell my friends and family. I reckon we are nearly there now.

Bill Meehan was usually right, and the rest of us were usually wrong…. Maybe that’s why he became chief market analyst and Cantor Fitzgerald. Some fond memories.

But Bill Meehan died on 911 sitting at his desk doing his job. 911 was an inside job, and the crew who did 911 have a world wide reach. The UK prime minister is a typical example. Steve Pieczenik describes Boris Johnson as a pathological liar. Being a trained and qualified Psychologist with a steller employment history … including as a negotiator for the USA government in the Iran Hostage crisis …. Steve Pieczenik should know…. The truth sure needs some airing… I will let Boris the Mossad asset explain… by accident he is almost telling the truth here… Once the words “stuff on the Internet” are substituted with the words “Main Stream Media” … his speech becomes very accurate indeed… controlled demolition needed… I agree.

and then there was Grenfell. Boris Johnson figured prominently in that one too. The Grenfell and NYC first responders all tell a similar story these days…. they are totally ignored and abandoned.

This is what we need to know about Boris and the people who promote him… He does not like safety standards. In fact he has no concept of health and safety at all. Making sure the bankers profit from the “little people” is all he cares about, no matter how many die in High Rise building fires or obvious false flag operations killing civilians to start new wars. He is just as bad as Tony Blair imho.

Like any bookie at the race track, this is a win – win for Boris and the Bankers as they perceive it. I voted for Brexit because Obama and Larry Summers came to Britain particularly to oppose Brexit. Two huge bankster crooks. I wanted Britains fisheries protected (that is the real future for these islands) and I wanted Parliament sovereignty returned. We will get neither of these as things stand. Now Boris is “Brexit” so I am agin it and will apply for my Irish passport.

Here is the real dope on Boris the liar.

The supreme British bankster sock puppet.

Massive IT blackmail security incident at USA House of Representatives….

Largest data breach in history…. DATA BEING STOLEN. knowingly stolen, while “Russiagate” was in full flow in 2016. Example: “Front Company “CIA LLC” selling USA government secrets in Pakistan. Unbelievable ! and they were worried about Trump and Russia? un frigging believable !!!

Obstruction of Justice by Luke Rosiak and John Flight