Money. It’s a Gas.

“chit happens”

Who is Ken Starr? Oh… from 2015… February 2-0-1-5. So this case has had some airing now. But not before Trump got elected. Yeah! At least it saw the light of day again. OK somebody whacked Epstein, and we don’t know who. There was a rumor he was a foreign spy, blackmail, all that sort of stuff. That would be a military case my guess.

and from 11 June 2013

I think this list could go on for a while…. I am going to stop it now…. looks like it’s being cleared up hopefully.

Another Computer driven Corruption fest.

We start with the Epstein case…

So what about the software mentioned? From 2011 “Dirtier than Watergate”

What Mr and Mrs Hamilton think happened, did happen,” LeGrand wrote, conveying information he had received from a trusted government source. “The Inslaw case is a lot dirtier for the Department of Justice than Watergate was, in both breadth and depth. The Department of Justice has been compromised in the Inslaw case at every level. “

and from 2006

Promisgate: World’s longest spy scandal still glossed over “