20191015 State of the Illuminati

I am accused of “believing in the Illuminati “conspiracy theory””. Yes … you have that right. [Inverted commas within inverted comma’s]. Actually it’s my sincere belief that the average “conspiracy theorist” does not really get it, or is even that “self aware” or “woke up”. It’s a tad more complicated then that and reviewed in detail by Robert Anton Wilson. I find what he has to say most illuminating.

Robert Anton Wilson on the “Illuminati”

Here he is again on the ancient human skills of subversion.

Robert Anton Wilson and Karl Hess: Subversion for Fun and Profit

“Pay Dooay” wtf is that ? … never heard of it … oh… I found this in the Guardian Newspaper. Something even the most effete left wing socialists believe in.


Excerpt from the Guardian link above.

hmmm… Police found list of 962 names….




Enough said I think. It’s ….”nah …. no way that could be true”… yes? Is Robert Anton Wilson believable in the light of these revelations? Well who believes what the Guardian Newspaper writes these days anyway 🙂

20191008 Climate Change.

I was having this discussion on what influences our climate…


I was also discussing the AMO (The Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation)


I also found this… it looks to be on the money. Global COOLING is posited … and I think he is right. The Climate will try and return to it’s equilibrium always (because the Temperature of the Earth is determined mainly by the temperature of the Sun and the distance of the Earth from it). We have a Solar grand Minimum happening.

The temperature of the Earth is mainly determined by radiation heat transfer mechanisms. It’s a fourth power law.


I am posting this so I can find it can be found easily in the future.

It includes the nucleation mechanisms of cloud formation in detail. Pollution, Cosmic Rays, Dust, aerosols … everything.

Excellent stuff !


20191004 Al Gore and the Assault on Reason

He is undoubtedly a good speaker. Well delivered.

Al Gore Tells Harvard Students ‘Assault On Science’ Threatens Humanity’s Survival  May 31, 2019

But maybe Al Gore needs to change ?… Just a suggestion. We all need help sometimes. Note to fossil fuel companies… Where’s my mega million bucks? Here is an experiment for you…

20191004 How Climate Change Pseudoscience Became Publicly Accepted

“Once China realizes it can’t rely on coal anymore, it will start investing heavily in nuclear power to supply its remarkably increasing energy needs, at which point, the West won’t fall behind. We will then have cheap and clean energy-producing carbon-neutral fuel, and even cheap fertilizers that will make the recently troubling slash-and-burn agriculture redundant.

The West would then realize that global warming never was and never will be a serious problem. In the meantime, the extra CO2 in the atmosphere would even increase agriculture yields, as it has been found to do in arid regions in particular. It is plant food after all. “

Professor Nir Shaviv @nshaviv is the chairman of the Racah Institute of Physics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


20191002. We need a climate confrontation & Greta has a flare gun !!!

and don’t forget the song that goes with the picture… the lyrics are about a casino burning down. Appropriate imho.

Meanwhile … back among the ordinary folks….