20191001 NIST & 911. Peter Michael Ketcham

I have friends and family, most of them intelligent and knowledgeable, but there is a gap when 911 comes up. A chasm more like. In fact this guy is a useful study. He worked for NIST, hugely talented, but said he never realized…He got fired of course when he started using his noodle on figuring out what happened. Peter Michael Ketcham,. Ace guy. You have to be top notch to work for NIST….

20191001 Important Climate Change update.

The man made CO2 global warmers are like the foolish version King Canute who believed he could hold back the forces nature by his commands. Even Al Gore may not be perfect.

Here is the stoopid King Canute version.


Here is the version that is more true to the facts. Canute was a smart King who could kick ass when needed. The historical facts speak for themselves. He became king of a big slice of Western Europe.


He didn’t try and argue with natural forces that were outside his control. That’s the important bit to understand.

I have decided I am a “CLIMATE CHANGE ACCEPTOR”. I dont know if anyone has coined the term already yet. If not, … I bags it. Anyone else can join this very special club of gifted, nature loving, human beings of course. You just have to swear on a copy … any edition will do… of Al Gores “The Assault on Reason” that you intend to save the planet and the environment for the mutual benefit of humankind…. “so help me God”


any version will do… it’s for ritual purposes only… you don’t have to believe in any of it.

Now those of the conservative faith can swear on a suitable alternative… I am open to ideas on that one. Atheists? hmmmm…. don’t know what to do about those…. again I guess I am open to ideas about those too.