20191128 File under “ufb”

There is going to be a lot of these type of stories I have heard rumoured. Stories that will test your faith in humanity, and certainly dispel any faith we currently have in our government and institutions. We need to revise upwards for sure.

20191125 Beauty all over. Political naivety exposed.

There we have it. The end of “Conspiracy Theory” defined. The term always was utter bullchit once you understand what the Latin meaning of “conspire” means. Look it up as necessary.
Not so good.





It just goes to show what the human race is challenged with and it’s time to cut the usual bs and up the game.

20191122 C’est la guerre

Julian Assange update. & ” Before they launch missiles, they launch narratives. Before they drop bombs, they drop ideas. Before they invade, they propagandize. Before the killing, there is manipulation. Before the evil, there is propaganda. Narrative control is the front line of all imperialist agendas, and it is therefore the front line of all anti-imperialist efforts. When you forcefully oppose these agendas, that matters, because you’re keeping the public from being propagandized into consenting to them. When you forcefully facilitate those agendas, that matters, because you’re actively paving the way for them. “

Tory Tricksters.

“Tories set up fake Labour Manifesto web site. “