Here is a nice idea we can import from the usa
My favourite state in the USA is New Hampshire. Wonderful place and wonderful people.

And of course for those who loved the film Chinatown . Remember this bit?

“Capable of anything “
Just remember you are Claude in this reality show … with a conscience, ya gotta be discerning and where to point, and when to pull the trigger. Ya got yer machine gun, loaded, in your hands right now. You are all tooled up.


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The truck drivers remember too.
A bit of a jam. Sporting a nice flower though. The driver was surprised to find a member of the general public helping to get his unloading spot clear and manage the traffic. He finds a lot of people with unhappy faces & being annoyed when he turns up. I told him it was simple. No truck, no food. Maybe he should turn up late sometimes ? The facial expressions would certainly change if the shelves were already empty.

After feathers smoothed action, the BMW kindly moved cheerfully.

Happy Campers all round.

USA: ‘Network of people’ covering up Epstein case – Project Veritas

Unbelivable… almost.

so there ya go. Somebody knows their comics
ufb amazed. Quote ” Some members of the press have been examining the past social media posts of lawyer Mark S. Zaid, one of the attorneys representing the intelligence community whistleblower that kicked off the current impeachment enquiry against the President of the United States, and better known to comic book people as the lawyer of comic book creator and Captain America writer Mark Waid. The similarity in names has caused much incredulity.

20191110 Aerobatics. Wish I could do that…. but I am just a man.

Starting at about 6 minutes 30 seconds in. Whats not to like ? , unless you just have had breakfast of course. The important note to take away from this is the Russians have far better things to do then fark around with usa or uk elections.

Now if you love to sail, in the above video, the immediate thing you will notice the the “steamer” or “tale tale” on the RHS of the cockpit. The small black stick that you can watch when the laminar flow of air over the cockpit stops. She has them on the wings too in the video below. Obviously very important during the stall sequences.

steamers at the end of each wing. Svetlana also blows kisses to the crowd in the top video. I think some of those top Russian pilots might have a liking for her.
one giant leap for Lizards.