20190112 Jess Phillips

Here…. The video clip everyone to look at is now deemed “private”. One wonders why. The video is of Jess Phillips being less then genuine when asked to comment on the Election after the exit polls were so bad. I’m sure is available elsewhere too.

Reminds me of Line Nesnaes in the old news story here

Are you are wondering why ? Watch this first….

miracle woman” catches bus

Just watch it from the time shown (1:18:10) for the next few minutes.

and you can see…. when the original live video versions are shown…. there is something not quite genuine in the content. These are not the only instances either.

The B/S is meters deep everywhere. The true horror really is there, and it wasn’t from who you thought. It’s isn’t the people labeled “terrorists” who are typically dropping bombs (we helped make) on woman and children. The true terrorists are much closer to home. Think you have nothing to with it? We voted (or didn’t vote … even worse) and even if I did work for the weapons makers…. the Military Industrial Complex, they are just doing what they are told, and rely on you to deliver their goods and services. We are collectively responsible, if you think not… Dream on.

It’s time to smarten up. 911 or JFK are good places to start.

You can be sure, the opposition will be trying to lead the resistance, as that how they control and stifle it. In the last 10 years, I am just amazed how ubiquitous that phenomenon is. The “Alpha” types, wearing and sporting the latest fashion and trends should be looked upon with suspicion as they are very much for sustaining the status quo, and make it obvious that way. They should at least dress for the occasion.

Here is reality for you…. Look and listen. 15th February 2003

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