20191025 Brexit: Corbyn says Johnson must come to parliament to rule out no deal

Interesting. I think capitalism is just fine up to about county size. Then there is a big problem of a company… (especially multinationals) becoming tax avoiding welfare queens who just use taxpayer resources without giving anything back . And yes… We all know about central planned economies and dictatorial inefficiencies… they are not an exclusive communist Russian thing … got em here in “The West” like massive life threatening tape worms … and the heads of these disgusting creatures are usually to be found in offshore island tax havens.

Corbyn said the 12 December election date was “odd for many reasons – it’s so near Christmas, it’s after universities finish their terms”. He said Labour might want an election before 12 December, but there would be discussions about that.

Richard Madeley asked Corbyn how it would work having a chancellor who wants the downfall of capitalism in Downing St. The Labour leader said that when they have meetings with business groups there was a lot of agreement on how to manage things.

Politics live with Andrew Sparrow at the Guardian newspaper.


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