20191028 der Plan. See video at end of preamble.


I’ll be honest for a moment. The best that can be expected from any politician is that they are capable, and that they do their best for the citizens they represent. It’s too easy to interpret their inability to fix all of humanities problems as them representing evil only. It is important for them to be loyal too own their country though. Even if that simple aim was achieved, that the head of each country was loyal to their own citizens, the world would be a much better place today.

I am a firm believer that understanding a problem is more then 50% of the solution, and that is the nub of where we are. Next is proposing a solution, and putting forward for critical review such a solution through the correct channels. Now time is short and we cannot afford to faff about so the solution(s) need to be reviewed in parallel, not in series, and on a global basis. Fortunately we have the technology and systems in place to do that on an immediate basis.

Yeah so, nothing is perfect, but I am sure we can lose at least 80% of the humanities strife fairly rapidly and then we can approach the remaining 20% of the problem in a classical Pareto manner. Of course the solutions can be put through for review in publications that will make the elites of this world feel important and where their anal retentive feelings of what is correct are not offended. We can chuck a copy to the Bilderbegger group to gather round (for example) they can do whatever those weirdos get up to, and then they can give the proposals their august blessing… or whatever they decide… it does not really matter because they are no more then servants of humanity just like us all, and bound by the common force that make our lives the challenge it is. Believe me… those guys are as fu**ed up as anyone, and even a spell in their Lear jets going to the best hotels in town, doesn’t really make that much of a difference.

Just down the street from where I live, a bunch of guys landed in 1066, who felt they were the bees knees, and completed was is now known as the Norman Conquest of Britain. I think, as a specific DNA group, they still own about 80% of the property here. The English language is full of words of Norman and Saxon origin that reflect the Status Quo of that reality. We hear from the Scots and the Irish…. “blah blah blah” how the English have been such bastards over the centuries and how how tough life is for them. It’s true to an extent of course, but being subdued by the Normans wasn’t exactly that easy and it took a while before the dog managed to start wagging the tail again… but the tail did learn to wag again, and the rest of the world … historically… are still are not very happy with the results.

Neither you or I invented the universe… we just live here.

So we have this opportunity smooth over the errors that have been committed and come up with the solutions necessary. It really isn’t that hard, but certain players at the table need to learn how to deal with a fresh pack, and a clean set of unmarked cards. The card checking technology has advanced hugely these days, thanks to the paranoid schizos who run our security services… they can finally see in the mirror. Hope they like what they see.

There are pluses and minuses regarding the existence of the internet. Half the internet is full of porn, so that in itself is a sad reflection that humanity struggles.. and we most definitely do struggle under an immense burden of a nature that is not of this world. No point even talking about it. Again, we have the internet now, so we may as well learn how to use it. Therefore the solutions can be proposed though all the channels available in parallel. yahoo, fb, aol, whatever…

It’s also just my guess, but the existence of the modest and simple internet router, is going to flatten the triangle from having corners of 60 degrees to an isosceles with one angle set at 120 degrees or more. Oddly enough, we can thank the usa mic for that, (including much of the development of all of modern electronics) mostly funded by the state, or by a very few individuals. That will shift a big load off all of our collective shoulders.

The cry babies will still whine, but such is life.

A great link… video… and nice music too. Thank you SI Stan for coming up with it. Fun to watch….

Atomic is OK, once it doesn’t go nuclear…

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