20191101 Truth & Let the Elections begin.

note for cj.

I see some people are feeling a bit queasy on the internet, they (we) don’t understand all the false narratives, the arguing and the distorted facts. Lots of weird things going on, and loads of actual cyber warfare goes on the internet It’s not just really hacking stuff either. It is for control of YOUR (and my) mind. Really, how you think is very important to those who lead us, and represent us in government. Nobody is crazier then oneself. It’s a numbers game in the end, the Catholics always understood that. … but now that the Earths resources are limited, that old dog needs to learn a new trick. (imho) …

Regarding telling the truth. Let um have it on all barrels. Whats is happening here is not just only a Paragram, it’s a Paradigm shift. A new metrology has been developed, and Word Press does not even recognize that word. We don’t have to use modern electronics even. 1990’s, 1980’s or even a sheet of paper and a quill can perform the functions needed. I am all for paperless of course. but don’t worry about the tech end of things, there are other things for humans to do besides manufacture in silicon and even the low life lizards and ants know that.

Enjoy. (It should link “Go ask Alice-White_ rabbit” unless some clever dick has dinged with it) [https://youtu.be/ug2EcWkb26I ]

Notice my advertising on this blog is very controlled…. I decide what shows , content matters more then price, as we need to stay on target & with the program.

Pink Floyd – Arnold Lane. (with Lyrics) No particular reason to show here.. Just like the tune. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiyqX9p63hs

Ref utube link below. Don’t get distracted about the stuff that presses your buttons. It needs a cooler review if possible .

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