20200127 Max Keiser explains Neo Feudalism.

Let’s go back to circa 2012 to an older show. . Feudalism once again. Max Keiser again.

The “N” word and discrimination by interest rates. The new apartheid by design.

To date, not much has changed.

20200126 Nature finds a way of jumping the fences ! Part Deux !!

The Corona Virus

Health official are acting this way, but do look at the two videos from China (below) too. Notice the super confident look and tone of the officals, it does not impress me at all. .. Frankly.

Reuters: Xi says China faces ‘grave situation’ as virus death toll hits 42


20200125 Bit Coins and Block Chains.

I have a few bits of digital currencies for the last few years.

The charts and news suggest it’s maybe a good time to be to restart a larger accumulation.

Bit Coins look to be going down at the moment, a good time to get in if your interested and like the possible opportunity for a reversal to set in.

Here are some videos looking at the positive side of things. I would be interested in the negative side too. First Max Kaiser kicks off.


The most important thing is don’t let be the focus of you life. If you do the banksters will make sure you lose. Buy this stuff in a disinterested sort of way, accumulate slowly, over years, so you can still pay all your bills, and on a planet wide basis the bad players will get wiped out.

It’s a speculative business so worthwhile to look at all sides of the case, and don’t take anything written here as investment advice. It isn’t. It’s for notification purposes only. Maybe a good idea, maybe not.

If you think Bit Coins and Block chains are a waste of money and time … really… I would like to hear from you. Write a comment or send an email at Gazelda.com. I will only publish if you request it.