The famous Doomsday Clock has moved the closest ever to midnight.

Hat Tip to Jonathan Cook, journalist on FB.

Mind you, I am equally concerned about the same elites “monetizing” the environment through climate change. It will always be about money and it’s your money (even if you don’t have any… hey we can give you a loan at a nice rate of interest, you just need to sign this form to say you are our indentured slave) that they need to save everything.

The science behind Climate Change should always be a scientific debate…. and yes there is just as much cods wallop out there as true facts on both sides of the debate… People need to wake up to the word “narrative” and what big money can do. Greta is not a genuine random girl wanting to save the environment according to some sources I read.

Happy to learn as always.

20200210 “Map through the Domains” on this.

Just going back to Binney for a moment…..

and there is more to learn if you did not watch this in the last post. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g is tracked. Everything you do, or I do. The mistrust goes real deep. Maybe just start the interview from here…

So who are the the fascists now? Where is the new Goebbels, & who are the new Gestapo? What about those kill lists?? Who are the war mongering nationalists who think they are so racially superior to others? It’s not a whole nation, it’s some individuals, who aim to make war on the rest of humanity.

20200210 It’s $£–WAR!–£$ … but read previous message first.

Below is a YouTube broadcast by Steve Pieczenik back in June 2019. S.P. is the USA military, is the CIA, is right wing MAGA. IF you look at his CV he worked under Henry Kissinger, a guy who got the Nobel Peace price for dropping more bombs on Vietnem then were dropped in the whole of WW2. That should tell you that something is amiss when you learn a little about WW2. Steve Pieczenik is not the problem though. In fact he says right at the end of his broadcast… and I quote…his quote from General Westmorland. … true or false… it sounds right.

You can never tell with S.P. He is primarily a USA military intelligence guy and he is very good (no doubt) at what he does. If anyone could misinform me, he could. It’s been his business for decades helping people form a view that is beneficial to his employer, the USA government. He mentions this aspect of his work on occasion, and is comfortable in his profession. He says he doesn’t like Bibi, and says that 911 was a false flag, but I will believe in the genuine article when I see Bibi disposed from power, and when the necessary arrests are made regarding 911. Watching him being palsy with the guys on the Alex Jones show opens my eyes I think. However, my view, and it’s just my opinion, Steve Pieczenik is a loyal American Citizen, and as such to be respected for his voluminous experience & knowledgeable background.

It definitely IS NOT just “pacifists” who are against war. Many people who have fought in wars are of the same sentiment.
Steve Pieczenick’s broadcast 16 Jun 2019

As a left wing socialist, it’s good to have opponent like Steve Pieczenik on political matters. I would love to counter some of his arguments about Trump and Economic strategy (for example) . How you have an enlightened wealthy society should be a matter of separating the wheat from the chaff when it comes to politics, for both the Left and Right wings as they both have a valid view. That is not the priority item today though. It’s not S.P or Trump that are the real problem. One has to be more careful of ones “friends”, and be more respectful of ones enemies on occasion. Well maybe more frequently then that. On the Pareto Chart, Trump and true USA Republicans are way down the line in terms of being a problem to the well being of our society or to the environment. If you have difficulty understanding what I am saying here, maybe visit one of Frances “Red Zones” and realize today the problems with war zones are hundreds of times worse. At least, images are too disturbing to be shown here. The main problem today are those supposed nationals of various countries… In the West… who do not have the Nations well being at heart. Whatever religion they are, and most of them are not Muslims far as I can tell. There is good and bad in all. I am refering to the Traitors who wish to destroy our society through militarism and denial of basic human rights are the problem today. The USA already has it’s “Prison Industrial Complex”, and it looks to me the template is about to be copied. The Hitlers, Stalin’s, and Mussolini’s are still with us today, in various sizes, disguises, and forms. Deaths and suffering from war today could be on a scale that make these yesteryear “bad guys” just look like naughty school children who played a odious prank.

Here is a message from America. Enjoy. It easy to find who the “bad guys” really are… Ya just have to use your own noodle and disregard the the garbage issued in the press usually. Our laws, rights, democracy, ….everything…. is being taken away from us. It’s going Medieval. Really.

If you think the UK is going to be any different from the USA… I suggest you check reality. Five eyes and all that. Don’t use your phone to check though, that is a giveaway straight off. Just check what another military intelligence source has to say… William Binney. He was in a highly competitive business, and just like S.P. he knows hos stuff… it isn’t just a “claim” as the cronies at Wikipedia suggest.

“Binney is known for making the claim that the NSA collects and stores information about every U.S. communication.

There is more…

Here Steve Pieczenik talks about the 1’s and 0’s of the new form of warfare, it’s entirely electronic. He says “Russia Gate” was B/S… oh dear…. so are a lot of other things you have heard in the “News” too. The new Hiltler’s, Stalin’s, and Mussolini’s have there campaigns well developed now. You are getting the artillery barrage 24/7. Joseph Goebbels will be weeping in his grave that he didn’t have such tools to work with.

From July 2018… You will hear the quote I have referred to.

20200205 Forwarded:- from Captain Dan Hanley.

Because facebook only allows 5% of my friends to see my posts on a given day and for those just joining me as a facebook friend or follower…I repost my story in a nutshell:

From 2001 to 2003, as a 35-year United Airlines captain, I attempted to speak out about the 9/11 farce. After numerous face-to-face and phone conversations, and emails/letters to union and management officials, I sent in federally-mandated safety and security reports that implicated the Federal Aviation Administration. I was immediately removed from the flight schedule without just cause. ALPA, my pilot union, refused to legally represent me in this matter.

Subsequently, I attempted to arrange meetings to include my personal attorney with my union and United management to no avail. They refused.

Shortly thereafter, I received a call from my JFK flight manager that the chief flight surgeon at United had ordered him to put me on sick leave without warrant and without my having seen an aeromedical physician.

Running out of sick leave time and desperate, I called my chief pilot as I was about to go non pay, which I considered it to be punitive for speaking the truth. He advised me that before I could return to flying, I would be required to see a United flight surgeon with the stipulation that I would agree to do whatever the company demanded of me. Reluctantly, I agreed knowing that my next step would be to file an FAA Whistleblower Protection report after the meeting.

Upon meeting the flight surgeon, he advised me that I would be required to see a company-appointed mental health professional which, to my misfortune, I agreed. Without going into detail, I was permanently grounded for life as a pilot.

Knowing that I had been railroaded off the property, I filed an FAA Whistleblower Protection Report that was stonewalled for the next four years by the Departments of Transportation, Homeland Security, and Justice. Realizing how corrupt the government was and how deep the 9/11 corruption ran, I finally gave up.

The entire ordeal cost me my 27-year marriage, the alienation of my two children, my career and reputation as a pilot, and the ruination of my finances, which included the loss of over $4-million in pay, pension, and United Airlines stock…all for speaking the truth.

I fully believe that United Airlines management colluded with the US government in the cover up of the lies of 9/11.

After many years of research, I now know beyond a shadow of doubt that 9/11 was an inside job planned and executed by Zionists members of the governments of Israel and the United States to garner support for the subsequent wars against Muslims in the middle east and South Asia.

If you do not believe me, you owe it to yourself to do research.

Federal whistleblower United Airlines B-777 Captain Dan Hanley.

At 520 pm on 9/11, World Trade Center leaseholder Larry Silverstein gave the order to "pull it", a term employed in the controlled demolition of buildings, regarding WTC building 7. The building collapsed at near free fall acceleration in its own footprint in less than 7 seconds.So what's wrong with this picture? It would normally take months to pre-wire the 47 story building with explosives to enable a controlled demolition so the explosives were in place well before 9/11.Does this look like a controlled demolition to you? It didn't to government officials who claimed that the building collapsed due structural failure caused by a few small office fires. Imagine that!The collapse of the building was not even mentioned in the 9/11Commission official report.You have been lied to big time by governments, the Zionist owned-and-controlled mainstream media, and others.The collapse of World Trade Center buildings 1, 2, and 7 were caused by controlled demolitions and not by fires.Don't believe me? Research it yourself.

Posted by Dan Hanley on Tuesday, March 12, 2019