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“And sure enough, these hardcore monetarists are already quietly becoming pretend socialists to weather the very first weeks of the crisis. And there are many months more to run.

Austerity thrown out

As I predicted in my last post, the UK government last week threw out the austerity policies that have been the benchmark of Conservative party orthodoxy for more than a decade and announced a splurge of spending to save businesses with no business as well as members of the public no longer in a position to earn a living.

Epstein questions. Yes… it is highly relevant imho.

Dershowitz is old code that needs to be archived” -rotfl-

20200325 Tax and Wealth.

The comments on the site below are just mind boggling…. and the banks are short of money?

Comment Examples:

Mathieson says: August 16 2019 at 2:48 pm

Great example of an invidious practice. Add to that the growing use of contactless cards whereby value is similarly extracted and redirected for even the most mundane of everyday transactions. Why should your small local corner shop lose 3.5% to 5% of its turnover (depending on the size of its business) when you buy a newspaper or a bottle of milk? In a simple example say the shop operates on a 20% gross margin. If the owner loses 5% to bank charges for a card transaction it might only be a 5p hit for a £1 purchase but it’s a 20% hit to his gross margin and therefore a substantial threat to his business. It doesn’t affect the purchaser, who is often unaware of the implications, but it sure affects the trader, so why the stampede to a cashless society?”


Richard, yes I do since we have a card machine. Before we start it is worth pointing out the horror from the finance industry over the idea of the ‘Tobin Tax’ on financial transactions where the rate was, I think, suggested as something like 0.01 %. Anyway, on a debit card you will pay around 0.35%. When debit cards first came in it was a fixed fee of around 15 per transaction, so e.g. paying £20,000 for a new card with a debit card (as I did in 2005) was very economical for the garage. Anyway, the banks changed it to a percentage a few years ago. On a credit card it varies a lot depending on what type of card and whether it is a personal card or a ‘business’ card. For a personal card they typically charge 1.5% while on a corporate card it is usually 2-2.5%. Amex and Diners Club cost the most at more like 4-5%. UK charges are apparently quite low compared to North America where our Canadian partners say they get charged more like 5% across the board. Apparently the whole US payment system is actually very primitive despite their reliance on cards. Very poor security, for example, and lots of issues cross-state or inter-bank.

Anyway, the banks are very happy to put a tax ranging from 0.35% to 5% on every transaction we make, but of course all their own financial transactions in the markets should be totally exempt.

This is the thread I am referring to:-

20200325 I am not against world trade.

It’s just amazing what can be done these days. If I want to buy any part, no matter how cheap, I order it on (say) ebay, and two weeks later some fast carrier delivers via Royal Mail from Asia. One of my favourite movies could not be found anywhere. It’s in black and white. Some guy in South Korea was happy to provide me with a copy that had English subtitles though. Excellent deal!.

1954 is when Japan was turning from being a defeated nation into a victorious one in many ways. One of my heroes is W. Edwards Deming… he was cast out from the USA as the cabal at the time (big USA auto manufacturers) didn’t like him for some reason. A true samurai if there ever was one. He knew how to defend a village … Japan 🙂

Canada Dry anyone?

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Those words are going to have to echo for a long time before the momentum here stops. It’s regarding the outright & total subjugation of the human race by those elites who are in league with the devil. No kidding. The narrative & the agenda were all ready to go. This was just the next stage since the last “event”.

The true fact is the financial system has been used and abused several orders of magnitude higher in the last 20 years then in history. It is/was growing totally out of control in an exponential way, something had to happen… and we have certain influential people who have decided it’s flu that is going to the mechanism, the next stage since 911. It’s how we have a smooth transition to total control of the human race. It’s not that hard to figure out really is it?

He got it a day out… but it’s OK so make elementary mistakes now and again, and have a chuckle… Quotes “Fiat inflation in France“. One of my favs.

Here is the number one exhibit I wish to world jury to consider. It’s for the UK, but if you read any of my stuff.. it’s an endemic problem. It’s running out of control in a exponential way. Get the picture?

Here is a link I have posted many, many times before.

All of the late professor Albert Bartlett’s videos are worth watching on this subject.

An old saying from Wall Street and elsewhere “No tree grows to the sky

I am just going to show you the last few minutes of “12 Monkeys”. It’s a spoof advert, made me chuckle. I needed a chuckle after watching the rest of it, which made me want to barf.

911 was just a half way house to where we are going. The “scientists” aren’t real scientists either. They are shills. If they were they were real, they would have piped up a long time ago. After 911 there is some high school physics that never got explained… amongst a bundle of other stuff too. You really would have to be in a state of hypnosis not to have noticed by now, or exist in the deepest of deep denial.

The media and the press are just mouthpieces of those who are determined to f**ck human existence this way. Beautifully exposed in an earlier post.

I am not saying the COVID-19 is not dangerous, it probably is, I am doing my bit to prevent transmission, but the media hype was all ready to whip this up. The opposite of what happened during the “Spanish flue” in 1918 (WW1) where all the news was heavily censored except in neutral Spain. Because it was just the Spanish newspapers reporting on the terrible flue effecting the country, is how the particular dangerous strain of flue got it’s name.

Hong Kong flu in 1968 was on par with the current outbreak. From what I remember, nothing was done to block normal economic activity. An interesting comparison.

I certainly hope that Trump and co really get this thing fixed before the next election. Anyone who flew on Epstein’s Jet should probably be charged with a number of crimes imho, and certainly not directing world takeovers and new social orders. That should be fairly obvious one would have thought? No?

James Corbett is a known and admitted hoarder. He says so at the end of this broadcast.

File under heading “Don’t wake up the normies but….

My thanks to the SI community, and others who have helped me directly and indirectly to putting this post together.

CovID-19 qstuff.

So looking at this data…

and also looking at this data.

21/1500 = .014 = 1.4% death rate.

It’s a lot of people though, and with ill & recovering patients it paints a disaster zone.

The published data just was stopped from being published I guess (if the 21 mil is true)

20200323. OK, “Cabal day” is so yesterday. Time to move on.

Said my bit:

“CoV-19 or whatever. I think it should be called the “Loo Roll Virus” after the gutter press that are so keen on promoting it.”

I listened to what Tulsi Gabbard said about CoV-19 here

My view (LL) once again:

It’s definitely looks to be a huge issue now we don’t really manufacture anything in the Western world anymore.

Whose fault is that? After WW2 places like Japan had national policies to get back up and running. For the last 30 or so years, we have had the elites in the Western World,, and their puppet governments, tell us that we need to ship all our business and jobs to China. It’s because we need to make peoples lives more miserable and need to pollute and generally fuck up places that don’t protect the environment or look after it’s people. SEA in general, just look at some photos of what “big biz” has done there.

From a National Security POV, for your country, do you think that was a good practice? It leaves some weaknesses for a nations defense as I see it.

As the wave of cases hits the healthcare systems, front line workers are going to be expected to work 12 hour shifts keeping the same mask for a week. That’s the news that filtered down so far.

OTOH Bloomberg have been pumping this crisis for everything it’s worth. Every story, every picture, is maxed out to cause fear and hysteria. The hysteria has a definite human involvement by people who own the media.

I find it disgusting really, and deliberate. So who is the enemy this time? It ain’t the Russians or the Chinese as I see it.

And now it’s all come to this … CoV-19 or whatever bs they decide to call it, and we have the internet. Sure the internet can be closed down, but the knowledge and technology exists.

People are getting angry and upset on a large scale, and it’s about time. It’s indescribable how many jobs and livelihoods are being gutted right now. This is a direct attack on humanity. Every precious thing humans need, including privacy, has been wiped out by a few people who think they are in charge. OK… lets see what happens now.

I reckon there are going to be some changes.

20200322 Titus Frost goes on last shopping errands.

The very next video that comes up. It was published February 2020.

Event 201. It’s just a practice folks.

.Bill Gates and co. looking to be playing to form here. They are on the side of big pharma not healthy people. The presence of Johnson & Johnson, famous for their asbestos in talc powder, would seem to confirm the conclusion made. These guys are somewhat at variance with the notion that peoples health (immune system) is what needs to be looked after with proper shelter, food, and environment. Something advocated in an earlier post … here…

20200322 Adam Green and “Know More News”.

Always liked this guy. He disses Trump and the Q crowd so he is a good balance to anything I might say. He is a bit frazzled, coughs quite a bit, really annoyed by the con artists making money out of the crisis. Nice overall assessment of the situation today though.