20200322 Tulsi drops out of presidential race. Interview.

I bet some money on this lady becoming the next president of the USA. She is good. However she has dropped out of the presidential race, and endorsed Joe Biden … a guy whom I think belongs in a nursing home, not being the next president of the USA. The bookies will clean up my money, but it was only for entertainment purposes really. The guide to gambling is how much money you are willing to lose for entertainment only.

The fact that she is willing to cross the view of Jimmy Dore with aplomb shows she is no pushover. I don’t think many other politicians could do that. My view remains the same. She still is the best candidate imho.

She ends on the CoV-19 problem. It sure looks like a problem. It confirms my view that it was real stupid to export all our jobs to China. Well done China for what they have achieved, but we need manufacturing too, for a myriad of reasons.

20200322 CoV-19 source.

Well, there is a long history out there of the military infecting it’s own citizens. USA & UK. Is it different this time?

Reference material. Not the best I am afraid.

NY Times. 2019/08/05

There is also this earlier post of mine. I found it unusual that Steve Piecenik had already treated himself against the CoV outbreak. His video has been taken off my blog, but it will still be on utube I think,

20200202 Steve Pieczenik on Coronavirus. He caught it !

So, if you completed the tasks on the previous post.,

You might want to look at this Russian news and maybe interpret the information?  It’s OK I but I question Murdoch news and ABC news hmmm. Yeah, you have to be careful, the Sacramento Bee are reporting, but look to see the real source of each news story. The virus maybe a real problem, but is the news being reported in an even, balanced way ? Even fox news does that 🙂 


…. well the bad players are struggling with it. I would say that, with some certainty.

20200322 An addendum to an earlier story.

The story: Part 1 (15 mins) from one of the better parts of the BBC. Not the Jimmy Saville part for sure.

Alistair Cooke talking about the Depression years.

All Politics is Local – 1 November 2002
When I first arrived in this country if there was one thing I knew little about – and cared less – it was government and politics.

The previous year I’d been teaching school in Germany where a child with a swollen belly dropping on the streets from starvation was a common sight.

Being young and, I now realise, hideously callous, I came to think of these misfortunes as an irritation of normal life – as a baby thinks of its diapers, its nappies.
When I sailed into New York the next year, the United States – which was then in the very pit of the Depression – looked, by comparison, like the lively, prosperous America of the Rodgers, Hart, Gershwin brothers musicals.
After New York city I settled down in the university town of Newhaven, Connecticut, and it wasn’t long before I came to see that there was something very wrong and sad about the body politic.
Even a young student couldn’t go out in the evening without being solicited over and over by men in very proper business suits – could have been shop salesmen, company directors – and what they begged for now was “Please, a dime.”
However, I learned to thank my lucky stars – I was on what in those times was a very generous fellowship.
I did my bit by way of dispersing dimes and quarters to men twice, three times my age – and having no political conscience I got used to living in a society where one family in three or four had nothing coming in.”

Click on link below to listen to Alistair Cooke’s wonderful commentary. 


The text can be found here. 


The Addendum.

In the mid 1980’s I was driving about California looking to a remote place to camp, the sparsest place I could find at the time turned out to be here… but It was crawling with guys wearing shades, black suits and muttering into wires. I had no idea what is was at the time, or had ever heard of it. 

Bohemian Grove: The Secret Society Summer Camp


It has a statue of  “Moloch” or whatever  there seemingly, and Henry, Alan Greenspan and others used to frequent the place. It’s real. The local famous author  Jack London was a member too,  and I visited the Jack London museum with it’s “Happy Walls”at a later date. Anyone who lives in that area knows I am speaking the truth.  Some (imho) foolish family members don’t believe me for whatever reason.  Check out what the bible says on the subject material, and the “cremation of care”. Yep… that’s right on the money.

Basically, we need to relearn how to PARSE information… not simply copy and paste it to someone else. It’s a most important action every human individual needs to do. That is … separate what is established fact, what is possible and needs further investigation, and what is poppycock and b/s made to frighten you or take you in so you can be made to look like a fool. It’s most important you don’t just listen to the Tee Vee, or read the newspapers and believe what they tell you. They lie and are the tools of the elite to bend you to their will…. precious little more than that.

Here is an exercise in “parsing information” (see S.I. link below) , Was “Operation Paperclip” real? How about president Trump going through time travel back into the 19th century and leaving clues that he was going to be the best president ever ? I think that may be a little “far fetched”, but some of the “Trumpsters” may believe it. Whatever … there does seem to be a battle going on. You and I, sitting here … isolated … with the economy going down the tubes, is maybe part of that process. I have posted links where information can be parsed. You will almost certainly not get it 100% right, we are all human, and nor will I. We still need to separate the grain from the chaff though, as best we can. Any farmer will tell you that is not a perfect operation, even if you go through the process several times. An improvement will be made though, according to John Maynard Keynes, and he knew a thing or two about stock markets and monetary contracts.


The “Titanic” story is a good example. It was a Cunard passenger liner, part of the business that Alistair Cook mentions in his radio broadcast linked above. Again, you first need to throw out what you have seen on Tee Vee, or read as commentary in the newspapers, and look at the real information. The fact is (far as I know) that all shipping at the time used to travel a full speed, nearly all the time, as that is the only way a business would pay with the competition biting on their heels. The sister ship “Olympic” did have a ship crash into her from a phenomenon that was very similar to the QE2 crashing in Marthers Vinyard and was severely damaged. And that fictional book about a liner crashing into and Iceberg had been published a year or two earlier as well. The internet wasn’t around at the time, and what if you are a big shot with several problems on your mind? Very successful at finding solutions though?? Yeah, I would say the Titanic story warrants further investigation imho, and sorry we cant just trust what one guy says on this, especially me. We know where the Titanic is though, not sure if we have the story straight yet.

You are free to make your mind up as you wish where I am concerned. Entertain the doubts though. An open mind is a wonderful thing.

20200321 Insider trading ? Sure looks like it.

This will be a flat rock that has only been partially lifted. 


There are also those who are wealthy who are getting stripped of everything.

The money printing press assured the wealth of so many, you just need shares… lots of them. This is what Warren Buffet means saying ” when the tide goes out, you get to see who has been swimming naked”.

In reality, this is a very old story, happened so many times before. h/t to the SI community.