20200315 Bubbles & Bubbles

From December 2018. … Cant be true…. must be conspiracy theory.

The herd mentality.

nah…. can’t be true…

Also from 2018. The financial criminal enterprise, sadly it’s not just DB. Italy has a high Corona Virus infection rate reported in 2020 for a reason imho… It has the biggest debts. Easiest economy to crash.
Yes, this was from December 2018. The elites pushed China btw. Check history. Nixon & Kissinger.

In finance… History Rhymes. December 2018 again. STEVE KEEN shown in video below. Excellent stuff. Don’t miss it.

It’s not “social media” it’s “social control“. All from 2018.

20200315 Regarding the Corona Virus outbreak.

Listen carefully.

to this.

Hat tip to “elmatador” on SI for passing the link. I was beginning to wonder at the well placed press hoopla that was strategically in place from the beginning. There is evidence this Corona event was predictable from about June last year (see preceding Max Keiser link) Maybe it was, or was not, a laboratory that let this stuff out deliberately at the beginning ( I am a professional “conspiracy theorist” in my spare time) but the hubaloo in the press was most carefully put in place and run to the max as soon as it happened. That was deliberate and stage managed… as it is right now.

20200309 Money;- Stocks & Charts plus music

Only the Flying Lizards know how to do this.

and there is lots more from those guys out there.


Big Charts

But here is an earlier version for those interested.



20200308 Gerald Holmgren

Mentioned here….

and mentioned here too….


A great read for those who wish to know.

Oh yes, just found this too.


7th Annual 9/11 Physics Debate 2020

Resolved: the Official Conspiracy Theory of 9/11
violates Newton’s Laws of Motion, especially the
complete collapse of the World Trade Center towers.

Nominations are open to challenge Dr. Josh Mitteldorf
Ph.D. in AstroPhysics
from (Ivy League) University of Pennsylvania
Hirsch Index = 17
March 14, 2020 (Einstein’s birthday)
Dr. Kevin Barrett‘s Truth Jihad Radio Show

Requirement: PhD in Physics and Hirsch Index >= 9.11
Prize winner gets the higher of .00911 Bitcoin or $91.11
Nominations: debate@ANETA.org

2014 debate – David Griscom, PhD, Brown
2015 debate – David Griscom  PhD, Brown
2016 Debate – Crockett Grabbe, PhD, CalTech
2017 Debate – Steven Jones, PhD, Vanderbilt
2018 Debate – David Chandler, MS, CalPolyTech
2019 Debate – Crockett Grabbe, PhD, CalTech