20200531 The Pike, and what is coming down it.

This is what is coming down the pike imho.


and the stock market has recovered ?

I normally do not equate the UK’s Conservative newspaper for caring about the downtrodden masses.
Here is the only place I found a story where anything like the real news is being printed.
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I hope they don’t mind if I post just a small quote…

“The poorest look set to pay the highest price for lockdown hysteria: while half of people on £10 per hour face the sack, deprived areas in the North are predicted to be the worst hit by soaring joblessness. Meanwhile, in Italy, industrial jobs collapse and Spain’s endemic poverty spirals into an existential calamity. Such too is the tragic arc of Covid-19’s story in the global south, where following in the West’s footsteps could yet ravage the vulnerable.

Take Brazil. Western media’s relentless narrative that the country is gripped by an unprecedented coronavirus catastrophe because President Bolsonaro has been belligerently sceptical of lockdown is misleading. In fact, with deaths per million still five times lower than in Britain… “

Just one personal story. I needed a Hire car fast for business. It had to come from a neigbouring county. The guy who managing the Hire Car business would have loved to help me, he was in a different county altogether though as he had travelled back North to attend a family Sunday dinner that included a Pork Roast. The Pork Roast was delicious, had crackling on it, but my guy bust a tooth biting down on the crackling. That had happened the previous week, he was in agony and could not get to a dentist, even though he had a very expensive premium dental plan. He was having difficult to coordinate employees to co ordinate the drop off of the Hire Car during the crisis. Normally, he would have simply dropped off the car himself with the help of just one trusted helper. Couldn’t happen.

Multiply that by the Nation, and then by the World. Hello 1980’s James Burke in the traffic jam with nobody there.

During the “Berlin Airlift”, it took almost the Western World supply of aircraft to supply just one city with enough provisions for the city of Berlin to exist from one week to the next. These days the town next door is almost as big as Berlin was in the 1950’s. Western civilization has not been supplying the town next door since about March when this hoopla all started.

The Rolls Royce Aircraft plants are idle. The jobs have effectively evaporated. The sense of urgency is non existent.

Few, very few indeed, have yet to figure out this silicon chip economy …. that is what it is, is a complicated machine, and if you stop it, it requires a lot of “know how” to get it restarted. The “know how” is like the oil in a combustion engine, the drain plug has been pulled. The oil is gushing out, the catch pan isn’t up to the job.

The news is full of infinitesimal drivel about Coronavirus horsechit.

shtf moment coming up imho.

Great Movie… Network.

20200529 Gibson Island and it’s consequences.

Don’t mention the Eugenicists

or “community immunization”

opps. Heard in the conversation above…

“I was against anti vaxxers until I listened to Bill Gates”

“don’t get on the train when it comes to your station.”

20200526 Do we live in different worlds or something?

So these clueless idiots are somehow better then a Professor who researched at the Max Planck Institute?

The video of Prof Delores Cahill.


more stuff on a similar subject.






I am sure there are loads more out there, this was just the first four bitchute links I looked at. Amazed how much horsechit is in the main stream media, and I was right all along.

20200525 A quick look at a cess pool of fascism centred in the UK.


So you think “They” might not be “cold and calculating” with plans long in fruition? I suggest you look at POST ONE “The Trigger Effect on this blog. I found it a tad unsettling myself.