20200503 Wuhan Bioweapons Update.

Here is some reported facts on “The Corona Virus”, yeah the f**king virus we get every year. It’s normal. Fauci is discussed, “Impacts are being made” & “Our dirty Bioweapons elites”

I just hope George and Co keeps hitting them, and keeps hitting them HARD.

20200503 Book burning Fascists !

You know who you are….

You silence legitimate debate.

You destroy jobs, you destroy the world economy.

You steal from the poor.

You plan to enslave all of humanity

You attempt to supress every known democratic freedom !

You outlaw dissent !

Your actions have clearly shown (so far) DAVID ICKE is 100% correct predicting your evil machinations!!!

What other of his accusations will be proven true?

Not only have you attempted to fool the world with the Corona Virus debacle, that has emptied all the worlds hospitals from routine preventative procedures and surgery, that will cause a tidal wave of misery and death, and caused the elderly to be isolated and often abandoned….

You lie with your phoney statistics…

You lie, you cheat, you steal, and you kill, so that you can supress humanity.

and you censor just like the book burning Nazis did in the late 1930’s.

Delete, delete, delete, delete,

History is being rewritten.

The freedom deniers parade.

20200503 We need one of those “Five Whys” forms to sort this one out.

Jim Jordan

p.s. You might want to search on this blog with the words like “Lockerbie”, “911”, or “Mueller” to discover more about Bob Mueller..…. “Bob Mueller threw every case he ever worked on“… Susan Lindauer has lots to say on what is pertinent here. Just listen to anything she says… u still believe that 911 was commited by arab highjackers? w.t.f.u. Not to say it was nukes…. it almost certainly wasn’t …. the fog of war at the time etc… but the “planned event” was known beforehand, and Mueller was set up to investigate….. Just like Lockerbie. You see, Jim Jordan didn’t come down with yesterdays rain when he makes his statements about Bob Mueller. I think he might have already heard a rumour.

The type of justice you can expect as these globalists revoke every human right out there, while they commit ever greater atrocities, is indicated by Susan Lindauer’s experience on this link.

I Have a copy of her book. She was very lucky to get out btw and imho.

The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover Ups of 9/11 and Iraq

Time to air this link again I think.

P.A.N.D.A panda.

God Bless, and Good Night.

20200503 “We get more views then CNN”

100k views on the day. Minute 29 approx. Music to my ears.

I listen to this 35 year EMT professional over any manipulated source on main stream media.

The message seems to be… give em some rope to hang themselves with.

Seems sensible to me.

20200502 Ever wonder why the BBC and the UK Guardian Newspaper deliver such a false narrative on world events? Read on:-

The BBC and Guardian never did tell the whole truth, nobody does as it’s inherent in the human condition. There used to be debate though, actual different perceptions being discussed by largely free individuals. Those days are over. Now we have the narrative, and narrative within a narrative to pretend there is some discussion to be made. It’s always shallow pabulum though and little else. Until 2020, we used to have a changing CORONA VIRUS every year, without fanfare until BILL GATES, sycophants and cronies turned up with a “plan”. Really. The Gates Foundation spins lies and bull chit , and they go to great lengths to make sure everyone hears the same bull chit story. Here is an example of a view you didn’t hear, unless you read it here or on an alternate news site. The guy is well qualified in the subject matter. Go check it out, don’t just believe me.

You don’t hear this view… or others.. on the BBC Tee Vee or the guttered Guardian Newspaper.

So now we have Bill Gates, who is busy monetizing everyone’s health. He cant keep any virus out of his operating systems (it’s called “windows” for that specific reason I suspect), and he is experimenting with viruses and human beings for his own ends.

imho, this guy has taken a lead role in f**king up everyone’s life on the planet in a very fundamental way. He wants to control your health and extract funds while doing so. He can only be stopped if the ROW (rest of world) collectively takes action against him and his organisations. imho he is a big threat to humanity and freedom for people to live in peace.

Not to say our governements, or maybe some foreign power with a taste for overt terrorism, hasn’t got a few black op groups out spreading bioweapons in areas that need some conviction. It’s very sad to see our elected officials, supposed decision makers, protectors of freedom and democracy, just act like the placid string pulled puppets they surely are. There are some horrible rumours out there, as mentioned earlier today. Here is another tid bit.

Started off as science but later bifurcated into weapons programs.

yeah… it’s that bad. Money finds a way. Money was waiting to enforce any opportunity to completely control and enslave humanity.