20200911 Where is SWEDEN in Covid19? & 911

The dollar vigilante introduces todays theme…



and I wonder why the result is so different from other countries.

Hmmmmmmmmmm’ I have no ideas..

No Masks or Social distancing bs? NAH !!! that cant be right, Boris tells us it’s important.

and on an important anniversary

and as Boris tells us, he tells the truth…

20200909 Is the subject of vaccines taboo for some reason?


I think it’s important to clearly see the Covid19 infection facts as has been officially produced. In perspective, accurate data or dubious.

The planet was shut down in this outbreak so it’s important to know why. That in itself is an incredible but true undeniable fact. Why? I would say that is vital and required information so an appropriate assessment can be made.

The private citizen needs to know whether their respective government can be trusted or not. The phrase “private citizen” is no longer appropriate these days. It is a new situation. The heavily surveilled 24/7 world citizen has every reason & right to be suspicious as we are all now treated as suspects and criminals, and we are expected to treat this as acceptable and “normal”.

It’s not normal. The purpose of government is to serve it’s citizens not treat them as suspects from the outset. It’s high time for the boot to be put on the other foot.

Frankly I am not sure it’s safe for the worlds media to be totally owned and influenced by such a narrow private interest as is currently the case.

There is clear evidence, published in the worlds media, that the numbers were overestimated right since the outset of the Covid19 event, and that a scam has indeed been planned and put in place. Or if the word “scam” is seen as inappropriate we could call it a “media promotional event“. In any case the rehearsal event, that is indeed the new normal in todays heavily censored & manipulated surveillance state is undeniable. Or is anyone going to offer a counter argument to that point? Check event 201.


A side note for me would be “consensus” in science (these days) has to be seen in the same light as data produced by a 1990’s Columbian Drug Cartel whether illegal drug trafficking was in evidence at the home state. Data produced from well funded media campaign needs careful evaluation, and reports from senior figures reviewed from the prospective that data could have been compromised. Censored views from suitable qualified and experienced professionals raise very large bright red flags of concern and suspicion that warrant deeper analysis and review imho.

So, once again, to the facts my friends…


0.057% (2020) INSTEAD OF 0.011% (2018)

57 PER 100,000

10.85 PER 100,000



Here is my perspective


A bit more about the source. I have a science degree. Looks good to me.

Here is my overview of all the data to date. Just look at that darling child, and such a loving and happy parent ! Are the data drownings deliberate or accidental? … or is it just “incompetence” yet again in the light of such wonderful prepared exercises as Event 201 ??

Are we even allowed to talk about vaccines or is that taboo for some reason??

20200908 What do with Silver?

If it goes up we sell some.

If it goes down we buy some.

It’s not that hard once you now how.

All this in a background activity of preparing to steadily buy more.

Smooth out the blips in the graph that is going to go upwards over time.

Something happens when we get to the end of the triangle, upwards or downwards.

A sudden move is predicted in the chart. My guess is downwards as the stock market revises downwards as more specially prepared bad news is foisted upon us. The elites want the $$ dollars $$ , ££ pounds ££, and Euros to remain strong as possible to increase or maintain their stranglehold on humanity.

If they blink in the face of destiny, and capitulate their evil aims, the phoney economy will give out even more “free money” and guess where that takes us?

There is 1.4 grams of silver in a 1903 British 3d piece. Back in the day that would buy two pints of beer and a loaf of bread. Where does that value silver today? There will be likely be an over valuation, maybe by 100% or more, when the chit hits the fan and the monitory value of the UK pound and USA dollar goes to zero, as that where it will eventually go.


From Jesse’s website.


Not that history tells us anything… duh.

this graph is available at lots of sitts, this is the one googles up in this case. http://go.noblegoldinvestments.com/blog/blogsgold-gold-language-html

Or get some Yuan or something. It is (at least) time to wakee the F U !!! China has grown immeasurably in the last two decades. One has to respect that, and they also buy gold.


All modern currencies will look like this… it’s not just the dollar.

also please look as this note I added to the chart. If the stock market crashes, historical evidence shows the currencies appreciate when every one goes bust, but they still have to pay their bills. The most likely scenario as the Elites who control such matters hang on and enhance their wealth.

Making money during a big downturn is not impossible as the story of Jesse Livermore tells us. However, just trying to live on “trades” is almost impossible as his tragic death illustrates. Slowly accumulating wealth from the proceeds of honest work is possible, but no, we can’t just trust the government. The government needs our guidance.

An interesting story.

20200906 GSM (Grand Solar Minimum)

Some others besides myself are just wondering.



NOAA is predicting a ‘full-blown’ Grand Solar Minimum (GSM).

GSM’s have the potential to hold sunspots at ZERO for multiple decades. The most famous example is the Maunder Minimum (1645-1715) which brought plummeting temperatures, crop loss, famine, and the deaths of hundreds of millions of people ACROSS the planet.

Unfortunately, history repeats — climate is cyclic, never linear. But unlike during the Maunder Minimum, there’s a twist this time around; we modern humans have another cosmological factor to contend with: Earth’s magnetosphere –a key line of defense against incoming Cosmic Rays– is waning at an increasing rate as north and south magnetic poles continue their wander.

The field is expected to be considerably weaker by 2040, and, as with previous magnetic excursions/reversals, these events can lead to an uptick in volcanic/seismic activity, solar outbursts, and even the onset of ice ages.

These two independent factors occurring simultaneously –-a Grand Solar Minimum AND a Pole Shift– are throwing us something of a curve-ball. Each factor alone results in a dramatic waning of earth’s magnetosphere, the upshot of which is more Cosmic Rays entering our atmosphere nucleating clouds, sending volcanoes a’poppin’, cooling the planet, and affecting biology.

Modern civilization is entering unprecedented times.


For those out there who feel that “something is coming” –– well, perhaps a Grand Solar Minimum is that something. We humans are programmed to recognize cycles –them having been ingrained within us during our evolution– and the activity of the cosmos runs like a clock.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING; in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow.

And as well as NOAA, NASA also appears to agree, if you read between the lines, with their forecast for this upcoming solar cycle (25) seeing it as “the weakest of the past 200 years,” with the agency correlating previous solar shutdowns to prolonged periods of global cooling here.

NASA is actually forecasting a much lower cycle 25 max than NOAA.

Prepare for the COLD— learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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and …

Zharkova has a new paper.




The wee birdies know… we seemingly don’t.


20200901 My new guide in life.

I think this guy has read some books by Carlos Castaneda. Just a guess. He is not my guide though. I agree with most of what he says. Just mentioning him

Here she is 🙂

She says it so much better then I do. What ever her name is. Five stars stuff and more.

Communism in the Ukraine during the 1920’s. The famine was so bad, people had to resort to cannibalism.

Farmers mentioned by the Dollar Vigilante below. Disturbing suggestions that they will use the Covid19 debacle as an excuse to close farms.

Thank you Dollar Vigilante. Excellent stuff.

The Lockdown Has Gone From a Mistake to a Crime

<<“The lockdown is a crime. But even more upsetting is that it is supported by so many Americans. This country is unrecognizable to those of us who lived through the 1968-1970 pandemic, which killed, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 100,000 Americans — the 2020 equivalent of 170,000 Americans. Nothing shut down. Not one mask was worn.“>>