20201028 The Covid19 Genocide of 2020

Yes I would say this is at least 90% accurate, if not 100%. I do know (it’s a matter of public record, check it out) that “chemtrails” were used in South East UK for experiments on an unknowing civilian population.

Claire Edwards speaks

20201028 The Great Reset Plan.

A Look at the Fascist Agenda Behind the 'Great Reset' and the WEF's Reboot Propaganda | Featured Bitcoin News

The Great Reset plan.”Likewise, websites like the greatreset.com have sparked intense speculation about an upcoming financial reset where the global elite forcefully invoke the ‘fourth industrial revolution.’ The coronavirus measures coupled with purported climate change and statist propaganda are considered the primers of this great reset concept.In fact, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has been promoting the concept for years, and back in November 2016, the WEF tweeted about eight predictions for the year 2030. The WEF predicts a world where, “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy” and the short clip says that everyone will rent everything they need.


From MARCH this year…. yep the masks were already ordained for the future at that point. “Flatten the curve” my arse… Lets get to the nub of the matter… kill 95% of the human population. The guy with the mask … oh how quaint. Ever ridden a frikken bike going up a long hill? Now try it wearing a stupid face mask. How many $$ billions are being wasted on carcinogenic face masks, could be building schools and hospitals with that money, and what about the litter problem all this completely unnecessary ppe creates?? Yeah right.


The guy in the picture looks to be riding an electric bike. Not a cheap one either, all part of the established elite and their sycophants. I expect he is really concerned about how those lithium batteries get recycled in China to protect the environment, just like the number of tonnes of mercury that the Chinese pump into the atmosphere to keep their coal fired power stations running the wheels of industry.

This is a more realistic picture, it just needs updating with a few kilos of used face masks, gloves and other used ppe.



China’s battery recycling industry is relatively small and scattered, and recycling operating costs are high. Even in the European Union, only 5 percent of lithium-ion batteries, another common type of battery power used in electric vehicles, are recycled.”

or you could just actually “cycle” your bicycle, wearing of a mask is not recommended in any way.

20201026 Reference post from S.I.


and which Cruise Ship are you on?


Got yer piano?

Welcome to Planet Jailtime. 

Meanwhile our hero Boris is experimenting with Wales to see what he can get away with, before he and his chums, (both in the UK and Europe,) can apply to everyone else. 

Spain and Italy owe the European Community some money I hear? or is it just banksters??





Nah, things are so totally f**ked up, it is every country for itself, the devil take the hindmost, it’s all going to a total chitstorm. 

What makes the guys who are pulling the strings of our governments leaders so sure they have this horsechit under control? 

Is it because they can get away with it in China?

20201025 The Covids & Greta are BACK !

Dollar Vigilante explains.

It’s Greta !

and thanks to fb we have this…

So we also have the SUN entering a quiet phase, This means higher cosmic ray counts. If you have ever seen a cloud chamber in action you will realise this will increase cloud cover.

So cloud cover will increase and this might blanket the Earth in some way retaining heat, but overall it will increase the Earth’s Albedo and reflect more sunlight into outer space and result in global cooling. As explained earlier.

Scientists claim cosmic rays influence cloud cover, climate change


Danish researchers claim cosmic rays play an important role in encouraging cloud formation. In their latest study, they argue changes in cosmic ray concentration could explain climate variation. Photo by NOAA/UPI

A Spanner Wrench Stuck Between Cog Gear Wheels Stock Photo, Picture And  Royalty Free Image. Image 14267764.

So why is every government out there plus many global elites so intent in destroying the economy and ruin the lives of so many ordinary people? My guess is they know already what I have suggested here. The financial system we have is also designed to fail, and they have thrown a very large spanner (wrench) into the fine toothed mesh of the worlds financial system to ensure that the whole system will come crashing down.

20201023 So, whats happening with the Bidens?

Praying medic details some of the background regarding the hushed up Biden stories.

Note (a) btw anyone who thinks the Q drops are just by some conspiracy laden whacko needs to have their heads examined. It’s info channeled out by USA security forces (true or false … take your pick), but the press reports in the main steam media deliberately misrepresent them . The one thing any miltary likes is being underestimated. They will be grinning from ear to ear with the results so far. If you look hard into the published material, the media accusations are almost entirely wrong in everything they say. If you are not understanding I suggest listen to P.M. previous post. He regularly mentions the same points.

However, back on queue, here is that BIDEN related video.


When it comes to communications, any communications, this lady is my guide. Cynthia McKinney. She knows what she is talking about, and encourages dialog between groups to help resolve problems. I will see if I can find the video where she emphasises this, but in the mean time, here is Cynthia questioning Bush senior. Therefore, it’s not a matter of how crazed you think the “Q” broadcastes are, they are a dialogue of sorts. Important infomation is stated and discussed, and this has been demonstated on a number occasions.