COVID19: This is what you need to know. imho.

Take one of these pills every day, eat fresh food in a balanced diet, reduce stress best as possible, sleep well and ignore the liars and idiots on Tee Vee and the main stream media. Get some exercise and sunshine every day where possible. This is what real doctors and medical professionals have recommended. Your immune system needs to be kept in tip top condition.

Unless you change a face mask every two hours, with a perfectly clean one, you risk infecting your lungs with a bacterial infection. Where is the real evidence that a face mask stops a viral infection? There is another reason they want you to wear a mask. It’s a clear visual indication that you can be fooled with lies and bullchit issued by your government, and will comply with whatever they say, even at your own clear detriment.

Google Santa had everyone wearing idiotic face masks. A clear sign we live in a sick & putrid Oligarchy. These assholes care about nobody, including your children.


20201230 The Covid19 LIES continue: More disgraceful misinformation from the WHO

Spot the difference.

Simon Dolan #KBF on Twitter: “This is 1984. WHO changes definition of herd immunity. 2019 definition and 2020 definition. Spot the difference…” / Twitter


These con merchants are not in the least interested in scientific discovery, they are only interested in spreading the fear and the panic. Just another pack of lies in the Newspapers and on the TV every day.

More from Simon Dolans twitter.

Candace Owens is a PLUS in the fight !!!

20201229 Larry Summers (again.)

If there was a really true “Last Warrior” super hero, it would actually be a “super heroine” called Brooksley Born. I thought I had posted about her before, must of been fb. Anyway, by way of introduction here she is, from 20 years ago. She went up against the baddest guys in town, lost the fight, but she was right, and she foresaw the 2008 debacle. She also saw the next one coming up soon too. A great show, watch all of it.

Video thumbnail: FRONTLINE "The Warning" - Preview

So Larry Summers and other baddies are mentioned in that broadcast. Larry hast been featured recently too. Here.

Neoliberal Champion Larry Summers Opens Mouth, Inserts Both Feet – TK News by Matt Taibbi (

Here is Larry with some other well known “personalities”

So here is the most recent argument and ploy. You put everyone out of work because a flu virus. Then you argue that it would not be right to feed these people and it’s best just to let them starve otherwise you crash the USD. That way, when the government allows the people to be fed, they are guilty of the subsequent crash in the USD and “no one saw it coming”. Yeah, watch “The Warning” again if you need too.

Image result for brooksley born
A truly courageous lady. She stood up and did what she was supposed to do, defend the public purse.
Image result for brooksley born

Brooksley Born needs to have her own super heroine epic cinematic music track too. This will have to do for now unless we come up with something better.

I am sure I have shown this before. I’ts a guesstimate of how many unregulated derivative contracts are out there. We are confidently told, no matter what happens, these contracts this will complete without issues. No need to worry.

Here’s all the money in the world, in one chart – MarketWatch

There ya go. A nice big visual explaining the situation. Larry and his buddies dreamed it up.

20201229 The reverse Berlin Airlift has already started.

Our UK fawning Prime Minister and gutless servile government rushed to satify the missives of the “Gnomes of Zurich” [as Harold Wilson used to call them] by shutting down the country for no reason. Now vital products to Britain are being stopped, not by Brexit, but by a crippling false narrative called Covid19. It’s like we have never had a bad flu season in history !

Lufthansa Will Airlift Food to Britain, Skirting Port Logjam

Yes these criminal politicians can now shut down the country anytime they like, at the flip of a switch to have you starving no problem at all. “Oh we have some new bad Covid. Shut Down the Ports” , or cry “Tier 99, no one is allowed to fart” at the drop of a hat!

Here is that graph of historic flu mortality once again. Any virus wont be stopped by a cloth mask even for a second. Where is the evidence? There is lots of evidence that shows masks are bad for you. Even the WHO says so. Today, out walking the streets I see lots of fools wearing masks all the time risking a lung infection. If they had “I AM A DORK” tatooed on their foreheads, they would not look as cluless and stupid. A tatoo is less of a health hazard than a facemask if the facemask has not been changed in the last two hours. Go check it out.

20201229 What is money or what does it represent?

This question was asked by a family member on the 4th June 2017.

What is money or what does it represent? It can’t be ‘work done’ over ‘time taken’ over ‘number of people it took to make it or build it’ because houses as completed objects would quickly become free if that were the case. The opposite happens. They get more expensive in the complete absence of work done. Ownership counts for value rather than work done / surplus value theory, but what is ownership that it ascribes a value? Or what is an asset?

I did try and answer, but if I said anything outside the very strict box that people are accustomed to think in, any communication was lost almost immediately.

For a start, any suggestion that some sort of scam was taking place, confusing the very definition of what money is or what it represents, was categorically denied as being part of the subject material. The assumption is that money we use is properly controlled and administered by our government.

No links to the internet were allowed, or highly restricted. Links might cause thoughts outside of the box, a highly irregular place to go.

I did try and use a quote by Henry Ford, surely he had some traction in the box of normality?

See the source image

No. It had no effect at all.

This year, 2020, I do believe is the year when TPTB in the form of the WEF have their hands forced and need to create a scape goat. It’s to take the blame for the collapse of our current financial system. The Covid19 scam is the Trojan Horse that will be used to shift blame. It’s simple:- put everyone out of work and pump money into the system as a signal that the elite “care” about people. This is a lie of course. Their plans are evil, and are truly diabolical. The overt plans of the WEF are “in your face” and shocking. You have to be in a stunningly deep pit of denial not to see it. The plans are all published so I will not go into them. This thread and other links provided, the Corbett Report in particular, describe in detail what is going on. The governments of this world are tripping over themselves to comply with the instructions of the WEF, and have no interest in the plight of the electorate whatsoever. In the UK the impact of “Brexit”, is regarded as a humongous change in our way of life. It is insignificant compared to the lasting and devastating impact of Covid19. Flu seasons have been much worse in the past, yet this year we have the ruinous effects of Lockdowns, Unsocial distancing, Mask wearing, and now Vaccines to totally ruin everyone’s lives and devastate the economy. It is all very deliberate and facilitates the installation of an absolute tyranny. The USA election in November is one of the most insane fraudulent farces ever committed on a Nation. The complicity of the Press and the moronic Tee Vee is obvious to see, complete with their putrid lying “fact checkers” with their constant reference to words like “baseless” when the facts are staring in everyone’s face.

This site says it so much better than I.

The Burning Platform


A veritable “dorkfest” of useful idiots to the WEF.

Here is some interesting stuff on the US Dollar to reflect upon. Yes money is currently “complicated” Scams are complicated, We need to get used to it, especially in the short term (next decade is my guess). It’s a subject that’s been of interest to me since I joined Silicon Investor in 1998 or whenever.

The coming US dollar crisis Message Board – Msg: 33112657 (

The coming US dollar crisis Message Board – Msg: 33112975 (

Manaco64 talks about Silver.

Here is a story I related back in 2017 in answer to the jaunts of what money is… The child in question is me, aged about 10 years I guess, showing an early interest in monetary theory.

A conundrum for a child’s concept of value. Supposedly a True Story.

Around the years 1964 to 1967 a child was regularly given a threepenny piece, that is three OLD PENCE, on a Sunday morning to give to the church while attending Mass. When the plate was passed around during the church service he would pretend to put the threepenny piece into the plate but would secretly retain it. After church he would return home via the sweet shop and buy an ice cream. Cost of Ice Cream? Three old pence or one and a quarter pennies used today. So for the 5 penny piece we use today you could buy 4 ice creams in 1965. Now one day the child went to the ice cream shop and requested and ice cream.

“That will be four pence please” said the shop keeper.

The child was dumfounded. “What do you mean FOUR PENCE ?, an Ice Cream cost THREE PENCE”, and he placed his threepenny piece on the shop counter expecting an ice cream in exchange. He was not in the mood for this practical joke the shop keeper seemed to be pulling.

“For three pence you can have an Ice Lolly, but an Ice Cream costs four pence” said the shop keeper.

The child realised that a criminal act was being attempted and reminded the shop keeper that an Ice Lolly, being an inferior product to an Ice cream, only cost tuppence halfpenny … NOT three pence.

A loud argument ensued between the child and the shop keeper, resulting in the child leaving the sweet shop in a state of great indignation. Fortunately he still had possession of his threepenny piece but was in a state of confusion and disappointment. A crime had taken place, but he was immediately and separately aware of his own guilt and crime in stealing money allocated from the church. The next week he placed the threepenny piece into the plate at church, as instructed, and on all subsequent Sundays too.

Many years passed and that child grew into a person near retirement. He rarely visited church, but when he did, he placed as much money as could into the plate, hoping somehow to balance the book of good vs, bad deeds, … before the inevitable occurs.
How much does an Ice cream cost today though? Well, the new pound coin has the same shape and size as the old three penny piece, and worth about as much. Therefore a pound today is worth just over a penny back then, a 95% + depreciation.

These days, if I am charged £1:20 for a small cone, you can be assured I will make some remark about it.

i.e, back in circa 1965 todays “five new pence piece” would buy four ice creams.

Interesting enough, I have bought some UK three penny pieces from 1908 to 1912. They are made of 95% silver. In those days one of those coins could buy two pints of strong beer and a loaf of bread. How much would that that cost today?

1917 George V Bare Head Silver Threepence

Things were different back then I guess. Real money was part of the nation. On another subject from the era, I have finally found the theme tune for Drachinifel’s utube channel.

Epic Cinematic Music No Copyright Free Music

This type of tune plays in my mind when I think of some way to defend my meagre income as we go forward. A brave and stout heart is needed. Sure anyone can fail, but we need to at least try and defend our standard of living and way of life.

For those who think I am being a tad old fashioned in my view of monetary units should also realise that silver is the best conductor of electricity (better then copper) , amongst many other good things, and is used extensively in RF circuits, including mobile telephones. It’s also a wonderful antibiotic. Maybe some Silver is a decent armour plate against intrusion on anybodies portfolio, large or small?

Engineers of all sorts, retired and otherwise, love this type of stuff. Technical details are just wonderous. This is all about Iron and Steel rather then Silver. Silver and Gold is what paid for all this stuff back in the day though.

(46) A Brief History of Naval Armour – Successfully Forging Onwards – YouTube

Silver isn’t just “money”. It’s financial armour plate. Sure it can be beaten down, anything can, but it rises again. It has utility, as units of money, plus many other things. imho of course!

Just remember, we have one of these ticking away in our collective bank account.

Expect the UK’s debt time bomb to explode in two years’ time | Business | The Guardian

This site needs an update btw, the clock is running slow by some margin now if you check the real news.

UK National Debt Clock – No-nonsense Guide to Britain’s Debt Crisis (

What an “exponential increase” is all about.

This is a good video that demonstrates exponential growth with time. The important bit is to realise where the halfway mark is !!!

The big problem we have today is people are believing a false narrative. They cling to it because they will not deal with fear. Evil criminals just love that and they tell everyone they are “scientists” and they can play God and smugly tell you everything you supposedly need to know. They lie for a start and ignore the real science. Any real scientist will tell you these “scientists” are not God. Scientists and God are two different things entirely, and you need some religion (really!) to understand even a tiny bit what God is all about. The bible is a good book to read, there are others too. That’s how I see it anyway.

20201227 Americans are taking notice.

Judge Janine says it as it is, as does Tulsi Gabbard.

but lets have a deep dive into the dumpster. This, is not “conspiracy theory”. It’s there, and these guys are not small fry. The Masks, The Unsocial Distancing, the Lockdown are there only to destroy the economy and destroy peoples jobs. There is an evil purpose behind it.

It’s the WEF.

and history agrees. It’s all about developing people into two opposing camps. This evidence is available in the academic press as explained here.

Nashville Explosion update.

Several sources have said the RV explosion would not have damaged the bomb proof internet hub where the explosion took place. I have seen footage of a “pre explosion” explosion where a blast is seen issuing out from large manholes in the ground on the opposite side of the street before the RV explodes. Also Google satellite maps are smudging up the area hiding up some other extensive damage. The fact that the Press has low keyed the news (normally they would be all over it) is of interest too. Not saying whats going on, I have no clue, BUT there are things happening for sure.

PHOTO: Emergency personnel work near the scene of an explosion in downtown Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 25, 2020. (Mark Humphrey/AP)

I am not sure what is going on at all. I don’t trust any of the players, as there is a deception being played. I just hope the American people do get leaders that represent them as they are suffering unequally at the moment. In the USA, and I lived there for almost a decade, if you don’t work you starve. It’s not the place to be if you don’t have any money. Why is the USA getting the rough end of the Covid19 lockdowns, as shown clearly here.

and..,. I still have unanswered questions from way back, that are still yet plainly unanswered.

9/11 Suspects: Rudy Giuliani : The Corbett Report

World War one ended on the 11/11 at the 11th hour. wtf was all that about? Really, it was one of the biggest human tragedies up till that time. Was it just a fun thing to do to pick all the ones’s ?? Really, WTF is going on ???

And we have the Covid19 hoopla with a 99.5% survival rate (or better) going on for more then a year locking down the whole world economy, complete with people having a fukking epiphany over some emergency vaccines that are good for just three months, while people with a 1% chance of surviving line up for a hospital ship in Africa for emergency charity operations. This is real medical necessity in operation. Forget “Covid19” that mortality rate is lower then most bad flu seasons in the past 50 years. Prior to that, this year would have been a good flu season, Covid19 included.

Here watch this, this real a real medical emergency. I showed it a couple of posts ago too, forgive me for posting it twice.

Scott’s Story | charity: water

How screwed up can the world be??

20201226 Long term Silver teacup


I watched this maneco64 instalment after watching most of an episode of a Lional Nation episode. To be truthful I rarely watch either, but I liked Monaco64’s instalment as his information is useful.

Lionel Nation’s still spends most of his time pouring very cold water, (Barry Goldwater in fact) on anyone who still thinks Trump might somehow get back into office. This is a guy who visited Trump at the WH incidentally. Lionel is falling in-between two chairs. Popularity is still important to him, and as such he feels it important to be “realistic”. Just my view, but the whole of 2021 to me looks to be very murky indeed at the moment. Any projection of any kind at all maybe way off.

Anyone who thinks “Covid19” is worth more then a momentary glance of concern (as an actual illness), needs to watch the Harrison video in previous post, and then check some historical flu data posted several times on this board. How it is spun in 2021 is of major concern. Unless we all get the b/s brought into perspective, OR we are in very deep doo doo indeed. That’s how I see it. It’s almost plain as daylight. People need to smarten up to the crap on the main stream media news.

20201226 Howard Hughes continued.

20201223 False flag attacks:- Never happened! RIDICULOUS !! – The Gazelda Links. The ideas beach with maybe some music to match.

One of the sketches from the movie “The Aviator”

This is about when she runs off with Spenser Tracy and Howard commits to making the “Spruce Goose” out of wood. It was a turning point in Howards fortunes, and he didn’t realize it at the time. Just goes to show.

Howard was a good guy, very loyal in his way, honest, a great entrepreneur.

May as well leave it on a positive note.

Here is a story about medical people dealing with things that have less then a 99.5% survival rate.

This is a great watch…. click on the link. The Scott Harrison story.

Some more music to touchdown with.