20200108 Lockerbie Revisted. What “the f**k” is going on ?!?

Cast your memory back to here if possible.



Here is the situation. “


Vronsky07 January, 2020
What a pity Rouhani doesn’t realise how big a bomb he could explode just by claiming, and proving, Iranian responsibility for Lockerbie. And nobody would get hurt, except the toffs at the top.
Someone should tell him…..


Rolfe08 January, 2020
Interesting thought.

and here is an “Alternate History” old utube link on the whole subject, is probably more accurate then a lot of the guff put into history books. Yeah… I have downloaded all this stuff as I just know utube etc etc cannot be trusted to allow humanity to actually try and fix many of the corrupt and criminal activities that go on on this planet.

and now right up to date… as of 20200108 we have…


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