20200109 Five Ghee. OMG.

Very reckless approach here. A bit like when Radioactivity and X Rays were discovered. Everyone just tossed the potential health hazards aside and did not consider them.

That changed. We learned. The hard way as usual.

The Radium Girls and the Generation that brushed its Teeth with Radioactive Toothpaste” That’s right…. I think we are being at least as stupid as they were. You can learn more about that subject here… https://www.messynessychic.com/2015/07/02/the-radium-girls-and-the-generation-that-brushed-its-teeth-with-radioactive-toothepaste/

I have posted much on the subject of 5G

No jobs? Everyone will be a millionaire? hmmm.

OK, This is what I think about 5G. It’s on the money imho.

and there is more…. this tells you whats what. Real science stuff.

Fry everyone in your home with 5G with the BEST DEAL EVER !!!

Posted by Litore Lapis on Wednesday, June 5, 2019

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