20200114 The last days

Of this Trump adminstration.

For some reason many members of Congress want to somehow Impeach Trump in his last few days.

It is a good opportunity to sharpen up the speech making skills. In these series of videos you can see and hear some of these speeches. Some of these speeches are really very good. I liked Jim Jordens (R). First Class.


Patrick Byrne update on Telegram.

The Real Patrick Byrne, [14.01.21 06:45]
To all paying attention DOD Chris Miller originally signed off on 7,000 troops, magically we have 20,000 now. This is going to swell to 40,000 by the 20th. I’m staying at the Trump Hotel in DC and I’ve walked the capital grounds and the only unrest is by BLM activists.

They are not preparing for MAGA patriots. The troops are on the ground for ANTIFA and BLM.

The Real Patrick Byrne, [14.01.21 06:48]
The FBI has suspiciously been dropping more and more declassified documents everyday.

I have it on good authority that Wray and Haspel are not heads of either agency anymore.

The Real Patrick Byrne, [14.01.21 07:04]
Just confirmed with Rudy Giuliani that Jared Kushner has been banned from the White House grounds. He tried getting in today at 8:00pm and he was told the president has blocked all access to him.

This has been an escalating game of cat and mouse. Jared’s been appeasing bureaucrats in NY and DC. All to get deferrals and easements on his properties. Trump is furious.

It’s said he for the past week has been telling Mark Meadows and Ivanka to not let Trump get on Gab. Trump now sees he had swamp in his own family. More to come in the morning.

The Real Patrick Byrne, [14.01.21 07:12]
[ Photo ]
DOD indictments are coming

The Real Patrick Byrne, [14.01.21 21:03]
[ Video ]
Mr. Josh Hawley’s most powerful speech ever. He is not a traitor like 98% of Congress.

The Real Patrick Byrne, [14.01.21 21:10]
DC update : Military grade razor wire being installed all day on top of fences. Extra cameras being installed on top of light posts. New number of troops is at 23,000. I’ve been told they’ll be bumping this up to 40,000 come the 20th. The same DHS that was grabbing the Portland rioters in unmarked vans is here as well. DHS tank and file guys are 90% trump voters.

This is beyond overkill. All for the Trump supporters that walked within the velvet rope? How much damage was done to the congress building? 5-7 broken windows, shoes stolen and of course laptops/HD’s.

Pay close attention to every statement the president will be putting out tmrw-Monday. DOD and The President are carefully worrying these messages.

[Litore Lapis] I think “worrying” =”wording” in last message.

In related news.



And in Cork (Ireland) of all places, there are simultaneous power failures and watermain bursts.

Over 1,400 homes in Cobh without power as 4 burst water mains also reported across Cork – Cork Beo

I think it’s Elon Musks new satallites !!! (joking)

However, there seems to a world wide outbreaks of temporary power cuts and and water main bursts. It’s maybe a good idea to quietly load up on a few essentials including a little water just to cover these bothersome incidents, should more occur. No need to deprive your fellow citizens of everything in the local store though. You might be needing each others help down the road.

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