20200202 Steve Pieczenik on Coronavirus. He caught it !

Right wing, American, useful insight imho. Even if you are a socialist… particularly if you are a socialist in fact. Insights on Bill Gates and the degradation of USA universities… don’t think it’s just the USA either. Very interesting considering the news out of York University in the UK. It isn’t just the virus… it’s the whole economic caboodle that exists and it’s vulnerably to threats on a wide range of issues. Antibiotics used to help the infection? Guess it’s due to secondary bacterial infections. I don’t know. Just saying. The issues here are not China, the Chinese, or any kind of prejudice unless you are susceptible to be auto offended by everything out there, including viruses. Bibi gets a mention, as does the KGB, one is a favourable comment, the other is not 🙂

Corona Virus, Universities, Politics, Economics, Bill Gates etc.

while news about York University in the UK…


and read up in my first comment below…. maybe stock up in some Tumeric. There seems to many too may dovetails with what SP talks about… Academics being arrested for Chinese bribes, Spratly Islands etc.

No jumping to conclusions though… just a time to be wary.

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  1. 2019-CoV and 5 eyes etc.

    And now for the darker conspiracy view… from a prepper background btw… u r warned… What prompted me to look at this was the comment in the link above “strangely, has a lab in Wuhan province”…


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