2 Replies to “20200212 Update 2019CoV & China.”

  1. Who is cookieboy Tom Cotton?

    Where did it start? We don’t know. But burden of proof is on you & fellow communists. Open up now to competent international scientists.”


    Maybe someone should update Senator Cotton with todays “science”.

    (1) When the UK government wanted to build a new Nuclear Power Station, the UK experts were not good enough. They needed to bring in Chinese experts.

    (2) That’s it really. Nothing more needs to be said (imho) but we live in a society that thinks Building 7 just fell down by it’self on 911 as the government & the TV told them so. We in the “West” are the dumb-asses still think we tell China what to do.

    (3) Maybe check out what S.P has to say on the subject (posted on this thread) He has already caught the virus and been treated for it. He talks about that bio research center and certain USA universities… He has been critical of them for a while. What does that all mean? I dunno, but speculative thoughts could exponentially increase faster then any virus on these few simple sentences.

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