20200330 The pipeline.

I used to be a production engineer. When people stop work, the “pipeline” gets emptied. That is all the things you need to live gets attenuated. This creates problems and this re enforces the pipeline stoppages. Things can really snag up bad. A good example is the “Berlin Airlift” It took nearly every airplane in the world to keep just one city supplied in a crisis. Just think how many thousands of tonnes of supplies are needed to keep your nearby city running for just one week. There is a huge amount of infrastructure and detail that has to click faultlessly for those supplies to arrive. Everyone just sitting around for just one day has to be “made up” somehow otherwise huge problems are going to appear later down the pipeline. This is serious.

I “self isolated” for a number of important reasons. That may well have to change, or I am regarded as OK to work as things move forward. Be careful out there (Hill Street Blues)

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