20200316 I used to go hunting in the USA.

With my custom hand built muzzle loading replica black powder rifle. I bought the kit as mail order, something you could do in the USA, and go hunting in the woods once you has passed the necessary training and certification to obtain a hunting licence. Never really shot anything other then tin cans, and targets at the range. The 54 caliber Hawken was a bit like this. I had a whole bunch of percussion stuff.

Can’t do that in the UK. So I just have to be content by using cyber games. Chat usually.

I have to wonder if “they” are going to get him this time? or me… lots of others too. There is a great cover story going.

It was walking about the deep woods in the Eastern States of the USA that I must of caught the “don’t trust the government or the press” infection from one of the old timers I guess. There were lots of them around in those days…. the early 1990’s.



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