20200317 It isn’t a perfect world so……

I am retraining for a new job. CV is all written up. Ya gotta learn to bend with the wind and adapt. There are opportunities out there….

Litore Lapis

Current Home Address: The 13th beach hut from the west side, Bexhill on Sea, TN13 4BH. Email: admin@gazelda.com


I am currently employed part time as a J6P. Basically I do what I am told.


  • Highly experienced J6P.
  • Retraining as an Office Cleaning Specialist.

Working  Experience

45+ years working as a J6P. Data entry.  Making tea for the bosses. Professional Kick dog.

I have retrained as an office cleaning specialist in light of recent developments regarding CoV19 etc.

Salary requirement: >100k. Please note this is in UK Sterling not USD.  The number given is an absolute minimum, sorry if this is above your budgeted office cleaning entitlement, but we live in challenging times. Alternative payment in Bitcoin, gold nuggets, silver and other precious metals considered.

Interests and Pastimes.

I like technology and build my own computers and networks.  I enjoy stirring the chit up on the internet.


Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg.

and please read all of this link from Craig Murray.


Thank you for your consideration for employment at your place of work.

Some possible fixes for CoV. Check with your healthcare specialist though.

Hot Air. There are many old fashioned ways to heat up the sinuses too. Towel and bowel of hot water for example. Also lemon juice (most active natural ingredient of cold & “flu” drinks) vitamin D, fish oil might help.

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