20200323. OK, “Cabal day” is so yesterday. Time to move on.

Said my bit:

“CoV-19 or whatever. I think it should be called the “Loo Roll Virus” after the gutter press that are so keen on promoting it.”


I listened to what Tulsi Gabbard said about CoV-19 here


My view (LL) once again:


It’s definitely looks to be a huge issue now we don’t really manufacture anything in the Western world anymore.

Whose fault is that? After WW2 places like Japan had national policies to get back up and running. For the last 30 or so years, we have had the elites in the Western World,, and their puppet governments, tell us that we need to ship all our business and jobs to China. It’s because we need to make peoples lives more miserable and need to pollute and generally fuck up places that don’t protect the environment or look after it’s people. SEA in general, just look at some photos of what “big biz” has done there.

From a National Security POV, for your country, do you think that was a good practice? It leaves some weaknesses for a nations defense as I see it.

As the wave of cases hits the healthcare systems, front line workers are going to be expected to work 12 hour shifts keeping the same mask for a week. That’s the news that filtered down so far.

OTOH Bloomberg have been pumping this crisis for everything it’s worth. Every story, every picture, is maxed out to cause fear and hysteria. The hysteria has a definite human involvement by people who own the media.

I find it disgusting really, and deliberate. So who is the enemy this time? It ain’t the Russians or the Chinese as I see it.

And now it’s all come to this … CoV-19 or whatever bs they decide to call it, and we have the internet. Sure the internet can be closed down, but the knowledge and technology exists.

People are getting angry and upset on a large scale, and it’s about time. It’s indescribable how many jobs and livelihoods are being gutted right now. This is a direct attack on humanity. Every precious thing humans need, including privacy, has been wiped out by a few people who think they are in charge. OK… lets see what happens now.

I reckon there are going to be some changes.

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