20200331 “It is a NATO Bioweapon”

Not a minor crime. …at all.

Some sort of valid investigation is warranted I think. Not a super secret & ineffective 911 whitewash type of investigation either. Sorry, but we have not had any proper investigations of anything in the last 25 years or so, this is so out of control, even the above broadcast by itself should mean arrests. Either the team reporting (George Webb & co) or the folks whom this supposed evidence implicates. Something has to happen as there are an awful lots of people who have been supposedly murdered ALREADY, and people who have their businesses ruined. Is this outbreak natural or manmade ? Fudge this one over like the Epstein story, and people will not be pleased. They won’t forget either. As I type this, I am listening to the very one dimensional main stream media news on this historic occasion. Just by itself this news makes me want to puke. These viruses are 0.1 microns in size. The ppe these idiots are talking about will only reduce the amount of viruses that get on you by a few percentage points. The purpose of a mask would be to help reduce the flow of viruses from a health worker to a patient imho. Yeah I have worked in clean rooms, but admittedly not this bio stuff. 0.1 microns is still 0.1 microns though.

Coincidently, other things are happening at the same time…

Listening to max Keiser and Matt Taibbi above, it reminds me that we are like the helpless villagers in the opening scenes of this Japanese 1954 film when their nation was finally becoming an economic force in the world after such a drubbing from WW2. We don’t have any swords and spears other then our blogs and fb accounts to defend ourselves. The financial brigands have massed to attack us, and there is nothing at the BBC or elsewhere to defend us. The news papers and the Tee Vee are just part of the attacking force while we “villagers” go broke, become destitute, and are murdered.

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  1. OOOOH KAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY. I won’t be posting much… This whole thread is just a SCRAPBOOK, a brainstorm as it were, for when I open my real blog…. Details to be revealed at a future date. However, this thread has achieved its goal for me. The path ahead is very clear and I see my role, and where I can even improve. I will be posting to the comments though. I listened to a real Emergency Response (since 1981) medical person today. Dave Hays “The Praying Medic” … who is… just so as you don’t get shocked… well … Religious, an all out Trump Supporter, and a believer in “Q”. fwiw. So, I have friends and confidents who are not of that political persuasion and that’s OK. Fact is, Trump has done some good stuff, and that is to be commended. It’s not a perfect world, what can I say. BUT regarding the CORONA VIRUS… people are SCARED SHITLESS here. If you are one of them, never mind the Praying Medic, read some of my earlier stuff. University of Glasgow studies on the yearly changing Corona Virus (yeah … we get it every year, and it changes each year) etc but I am a little worried about the South Carolina military strain rumours (also reported here). So once you are also clear on your immune protection knowledge and standard responses, please also listen to Praying Medic. He knows stuff. (imho) The link I want you to listen is here…. Never mind getting uppity about the USA and beliefs and all that, listen to the medical safety advice. … and take a chill pill. https://prayingmedic.com/2020/03/31/sheila-zilinsky-whats-coming-next/

  2. “Ten million Americans declare unemployment in two weeks and all your government does is give you a $1,200 “advance” on your tax return while bailing out corporations with the largest wealth transfer ever, and some of you are still shrieking about Russia and China. Pathetic fucking tools.
    Your rights are evaporating, your government has failed to provide the bare minimum social safety nets during a very manageable pandemic, your nation’s billionaire class has been growing wealthier and wealthier while most of you would struggle to pay a $1000 emergency bill, but sure, China is your real enemy.
    Many Americans being plunged into debt and destitution. Many young Americans about to start contemplating joining the military. Many Pentagon officials factoring this in to their future calculations. Poverty has long served as a makeshift draft in the dangerous, dying US empire.
    Not that it should surprise any American that this crisis has only wound up benefiting massive corporations, debt slave owners, government agencies and the US war machine. These are the real US government, after all.
    Keep in mind that virtually everything you hear from conservatives and mainstream liberals right now is basically just an irrational lashing out over their entire ideology faceplanting in front of the entire world.”


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