20200423 Whose Bioweapon Is It Anyway?

Are legitimate questions about crucial current events allowed to be asked? Is another view, maybe a dissenting view allowed?? Or have we sunk forever in the religious mire of political propaganda where proper scientific debate is forever banned ? 911 seems to be one such event, and Covid19 seems to be a bigger and even worse “event”. The official excuses and reasons of what has happened so far with COVID 19 and the World Economy has the authenticity of “The dog ate my homework” explanation of why things are so bad. imho.

and the CNN interview.

Kit Knightly speaks.

Not the Guardian.

When it comes to important medical matters, like social distancing and lockdowns… seeming the bankers know best. The financial system they try and protect and propagate was designed to fail. The fiat money system in current use. Every one and everything was in hock… a natural consequence of the design. The whole system broke at the same time the Conrona Virus was announced on the scene with lockstep agreement in the mainstream media. So these fools that destroyed the wealth of the whole world, busy bailing out the top most strata of the crooked financial system we have, are the ones to tell us whats good for the economy? Sorry are we supposed to believe any of this?

Max Keiser and “When Plunder becomes a way of Life”

Maybe some people need to question all this information we are fed daily, every day of our lives. Maybe it’s time NOT to unquestioning believe everything we are told? Few seem to agree with my view.

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