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  1. Praying Medic update.

    Anyone who reads my stuff should know you have to be careful what you say about the American flag. Sure people can demonstrate, burn the flag in protest etc, but it’s unwise to disrespect it as explained here in an earlier post. The war of Independence was a crucial aspect of American Heritage, it is about freedom and human dignity even if the original concepts have been overwhelmed since. IT will always be a rallying point. Sorry Michelle, that was a mistake you should maybe acknowledge at some point.

    This was from a post I made on 31st March 2020.

    it gives rise to incidences like this… The USA was once going to be taken over by fascists before WW2 BUT it was stopped by Smedley Butler. Sorry, his speeches kind of get me blubbered up. but I would describe him as a real American. It was just as well we Brits lost that war because it gave rise to something that may well be better.

    If you check these sources out, try not to be surprised to find out they are very real indeed.

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