20200512 SIGN THE PETITION !!!

SIGN and SHARE the UK Government Petition !!! [Must be a UK citizen] Have a look at the Rockafella “LOCK STEP” link below, Page 16, and examine the host of other material that indicates this “plandemic” was a deliberate act of terror against humanity. It is certainly worth, at least, an investigation. £20+ TRILLION has been lost plus an untold amount of human suffering., THEY have even PATENTED these illnesses, you cant get a vaccine unless you PAY UP !!!


Martin Armstrong at one time advised the UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher ( I’m no supporter of MT)

Did you celibrate VE day? Well the bioweapon Nazis did not lose WW2, they just moved to the USA during “Operation Paperclip”. These people have been busy ever since. The guys who set them up in the 1930’s are the same set still in operation today.

In 2010 they dreamed up the “LOCK STEP” idea… we have it right now. Total Fascism

You can download the whole document here.


In pre Bill Gates time… reality was different. FACT CHECK this please… IOW festival and others too.


In keeping with “LOCK STEP” any proper scientific review of the FACTS is SUPRESSED. These power brokers, bankers, CEO’s and politicians know little or nothing about science or scientific method. The story of Copernicus and Galileo is a clear lesson in the difference between Science (where facts are openly discussed) and Religion (where facts are often suppressed by corrupt officials). So you believe everything the media tells you ? Science is not “consensus” either. Bankers and money might try and convince you otherwise as money buys influence… everywhere.

A quote from link below


“Elite universities are selling themselves – and look who’s buying”


This site and content is worthy of review imho.


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